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AskNow Review 2023: A Look at the Psychics, Prices & Deals

If you’re searching for a psychic, you’re probably thinking, “The internet is the greatest invention” due to all the information available.

One of the sites you may come across during your search is AskNow. From AskNow psychic reviews, it seems like a pretty good site. But you want more details before trying it out.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll thoroughly evaluate whether or not AskNow is a decent choice for phone or email readings in this AskNow review.

So, let’s find out if AskNow is the right psychic platform for you.

What To Expect On AskNow.Com

What We Liked

  • 17+ years of experience
  • Quality readings
  • Cheap $1/minute deals
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Informative Articles section
  • You can call customer service

What Could Be Better

  • Top-rated psychics are expensive
  • No satisfaction guarantee


  • $1 per minute introductory rates
  • 5 free* minutes

Reasons To Use a Psychic Platform Like AskNow

It’s crucial to seek advice from gifted psychics when deciding on a connection, a profession switch, or your financial future.

On sites like AskNow, you can seek advice on handling life problems if you’re unsure how to do so.

Additionally, chatting with a psychic advisor can be beneficial when you’ve just lost someone close to you. A medium can assist you in connecting with your cherished ones and grant you comfort.

How To Use the AskNow Website

AskNow provides both phone readings and chat psychic readings, and you must choose which introductory offer is best for you.

After you purchase an introductory package for $1 per minute, you’ll get 5 free minutes with an Elite or Master advisor.

After the introductory offer, you may choose from Master Psychics for $13+ per minute, top ranked Elite Psychics for $10-$12.99 per minute, or Top-rated Advisors for $3.99-$9.99 per minute.

Interestingly, the most talented psychics are some of the cheapest advisors you’ll find on the platform.

>> Get FIVE Minutes FREE*

If you want to consult a psychic, you can call or chat with them if they’re available. Alternatively, if the psychic is away or busy, you can request them to call you back.

You may also schedule an appointment with them. To book a session, you must register.

The website will lead you to a registration page when you begin scheduling your appointment. You’ll need a credit card to sign up for the trial offer.

Which Psychic Readings Are Available on AskNow?

Asking, “what do psychics use for a reading?” and wondering which readings you can find on AskNow?

There are nine main categories of readings available on AskNow.

Choosing a specialty is not required but can ensure you receive a psychic expert in your area of interest.

  • Spiritual Guides – AskNow psychics can advise on a particular area of your life because they link to your energy and consult their spirit guides about your concerns.
  • Numerology – The date you were born and your full name help numerologists determine how important numbers are in your life. These numbers tell you about your future, strengths, weaknesses, and talents.
  • Astrology Readings – An astrologer can look at the position of the planets when you were born, the ones currently in position, and future placements to foretell general life developments and specific occurrences that may impact you.
  • Past Lives – A former life master psychic can tune into your energy and figure out what problems and skills from past lives still affect you in this one. They can help you overcome old issues while capitalizing on your abilities.
  • Dream Analysis -Your dreams are analyzed for symbolism to provide you with guidance from your subconscious mind. Dream analysts are particularly helpful when facing a difficult choice or issue.
  • Love and Relationships – Experts in love and family life can answer questions about exes, breakups, soulmate connections, and other relationship-related issues.
  • Money & Finance – Master psychics in this category can help you understand your financial situation and advise you on the next best steps. Their advice about money and careers, such as how to find a higher-paying job, may be part of their financial guidance.
  • Careers & Goals – A job and career psychic can help you sort out your professional life. They can give you the answers you need if you are stuck or unsure if you should make a career change.
  • Tarot Readers – A tarot card reader can interpret the tarot cards and tell you what is going on in your life using a deck of 78 cards. Each card has a unique meaning and symbolism, allowing you to see the different energies affecting your life.

Best Psychics On AskNow

We’ve pinpointed AskNow’s best psychics. They deliver the finest customer experience based on reviews from across the internet and AskNow client testimonials.

Devin Starlight – Best According to AskNow.Com Reviews

Devin Starlight has provided nearly 2,000 AskNow readings in the past 21 years and has a five-star rating.

He focuses on subjects such as former lives and manifestation, among other things.

Because he is a Master psychic, his rate starts at $13 for every minute following the initial offer and provides five free minutes.

Psychic Clarissa – Best Tarot Reader Based On Reviews

Clarissa has completed over 15,000 readings via AskNow, earning a rating of five stars across the board for her work.

She is one of the best tarot readers, particularly in matters of love and relationships.

Clarissa’s standard rate is $13 per minute after the introductory offer and the first five free minutes (a master advisor).

Medium Jozette – Best Medium According to Customer Reviews

Jozette provides mediumship readings, relaying messages from the deceased.

She has performed around 40,000 readings, all of which have received an average of five stars.

After you have taken advantage of the introductory offer, Jozette will charge you $13 per minute.

Feedback From Real Customers

We’ve scoured the internet for honest client feedback to help you make an informed decision about AskNow and get the best psychic reading possible.

Here are the reviews we think will help you.

Why Talk About The Bad When You Can Glorify The Good – Mary Soto

AskNow guarantees that only real psychics make it through the screening process. This is why the platform is renowned for having the best psychic readers of all psychic platforms.

As you will soon see, Devin Starlight was highly-praised in several reviews. If certain names occur more often than others, they are probably worthy of your time and effort.

My Reading Was With Zoey, and It Went OK – Mina C.

It takes patience to wait for a psychic reading.

AskNow’s customer support team wasn’t the greatest, and that’s disappointing.

Even so, she rightly points out that you must stand your ground and refuse to buy a package if you only want a free psychic reading.

During your psychic session, hearing a beep indicates when your free session is over, which can be annoying, especially if you’re easily distracted by noises.

We concur with Mia and strongly suggest you set your own timer when you start a reading. Make sure the volume is turned up, and then turn it on.

This way, you won’t run the risk of using up your free minutes and having to pay for a session.

>> Get a *FREE Psychic Reading

He Was Either a Really Good Fake or Extremely Accurate – Mariana L.

If you’re skeptical by nature, receiving a reading from a service that offers a free trial might be a helpful method to determine whether or not your beliefs are as powerful as they are advertised to be.

This reading shows that Devin provided Mariana with some truly insightful counsel that has stuck with her.

This is not uncommon, as it is rare for users to leave a reading session without feeling something.

I Personally Had Good Experiences With Customer Service – Jennifer P.

Jennifer gave three stars on Yelp but mentioned that she got good customer service when she visited.

This is wonderful, as you frequently need a helpful customer service representative to meet the best phone psychics for your money.

Jennifer seems to have been more impressed by the information she got in her first reading than by her subsequent experiences.

Even though her advice may seem strange, Jennifer ‘gave up’. We can never know if Mystic Melissa’s advice was correct.

As long as your psychic’s advice doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, don’t give up before finding out if it’s right.

If you are dissatisfied with your psychic’s advice after your first reading, you should seek a second opinion from a different psychic advisor.

>>Speak to a Psychic for FREE

The Best Reading I Ever Had – Stacy L.

Devin Starlight saves the day again! This psychic is a perfect example of why it’s a good idea for someone to use a free minute deal as a shortcut to try out psychic abilities without breaking the bank.

Remember that even a seemingly short 5-minute session might turn into a lifelong connection with a psychic platform if you immediately hit it off with an advisor.

>> Get 5 FREE* Minutes

How to Find Psychic Advisors on AskNow

To locate a psychic on the website, click “Psychics” on the homepage. You can look at the collection of psychic profiles directly or filter them to your preference.

You can narrow down the list of psychics by clicking “Filter By” and adding more criteria, like availability, price, psychic abilities, experience, reading type, and specialty category.

You can also choose “Filter By” and decide if you want the session to be in English or Spanish.

After you have narrowed down the list of psychics, you will get a summary of each one.

These include how much experience they have, what they specialize in, what languages they speak, their qualifications, how they can be reached (by phone or chat), and when they are available.

The profile also includes the psychic’s zodiac sign.

Click the “Full Profile” link next to each psychic to learn more about them. On the psychic’s full profile page, you can find more information about the psychic and ratings and reviews that other clients have left.

In addition to talking about the psychic’s skills, a review may also talk about how they work.

>>Get 5 Minutes FREE*

Offers & Free Trial

AskNow gives new users lower prices and a few free minutes.

AskNow provides a variety of offers, including 30 minutes for $30, 20 minutes for $20, and 5 minutes of free time with an Elite or Master advisor.

Once your free psychic offer has expired, you can select a reduced-rate advisor from the “top-rated” category or continue with the same reader at a higher cost.

To take advantage of AskNow’s offer, you’ll be required to create an AskNow account by entering your username, password, and credit card information.

To purchase the initial package, you may either complete the form online or call +1-800-227-5669.

Alternative Psychic Platforms

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on AskNow, you should consider its alternatives. We’ve reviewed the top three sites that offer accurate psychic reading services.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden
Purple Garden

You can obtain a psychic reading via video, phone, or chat on Purple Garden. In addition to video readings, they offer cheap psychic readings starting at $0.98 per minute.

You also get $10 OFF your first session, which also adds to your savings.

Purple Garden is an excellent choice for those who want to replicate the feel of in-person psychic readings through video sessions.



Kasamba allows you to experiment with a range of psychics for free. You may test as many psychics as you like with Kasamba’s 3 free minutes.

On the other hand, AskNow requires you to use the introductory offer with the same psychic.

Kasamba may be a great alternative to AskNow if you want an email reading. They are also a good choice if you’re unsure which advisor to select.


Keen cropped

You can receive email readings or chat transcripts when working with Keen. You can try an advisor for three minutes before committing financially. Keen is a good choice if you want to keep track of your chat readings.


If you still have questions about AskNow, this FAQ section may shed some more light on what to expect from the psychic platform.

What Should I Expect From an Online Psychic Reading?

Once you’ve connected with your preferred psychic advisor, you’ll be asked about your priorities.

If you want a general psychic reading about your life, you can tell them. After tuning into your energy, the psychic will reveal your situation or describe your life immediately.

You should allow them to finish before asking questions or describing your life situation. You may write down your questions as you go and ask them at the end of the reading if you prefer.

>> Get a FREE Psychic Reading

How Is AskNow Different From Other Psychic Websites?

AskNow is unique in that you can connect with their psychics easily.

They provide one-click calling on the phone and line queuing, as well as on the internet, where you can either request the psychic to call back or get in line for a busy psychic.

When you look at AskNow psychic profiles, you’ll also notice that each psychic’s zodiac sign is listed, allowing you to determine which psychic is most compatible with you.

You can also try their most accomplished psychics with the new customer offer, which enables you to consult a Master or Elite psychic anywhere in the world.

Is There Customer Support?

Yes, you may contact customer service by sending an email to cust[email protected] or by giving them a call at 800-227-5669.

Their network of customer support representatives is accessible around the clock, every day of the week.

Does AskNow Have an App?

Yes, the AskNow app is available for download from the Apple store. You can read your daily horoscope, check psychic profiles, and connect with top-rated, master, or elite advisors via the app.

You can also contact customer assistance using the app and get quick psychic advice on the go using the AskNow app.

Additionally, you can read articles with it. AskNow connects you with all the critical parts of its main website so you can use them at your convenience.

As one user put it, “The App is clean and simple to use.”

What Payment Methods Does AskNow Accept?

AskNow can process various credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I Request a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund during your first reading by hanging up and calling customer service. Explaining your concerns is required if you are a return customer. If the reasons for requesting a refund are valid, customer service will give you back up to five minutes of your reading time.

The Verdict

AskNow is a reputable psychic service that provides quality psychics with various specialties.

However, some Asknow reviews mention psychics who did not give the best service and those who offered questionable advice.

Therefore, choosing a psychic that’s right for you on AskNow is crucial by filtering for what you want.

Spend some time looking through each AskNow psychic review for more information. Then, make sure you use the trial offer to improve your chances of finding a perfect match.

>> Get FIVE Minutes FREE* on AskNow

Psychic readings offered herein are grounded in personal beliefs, interpretations, and subjective experiences. Please be advised that these readings are not scientifically proven nor endorsed by mainstream institutions. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of the links. McClatchy newsrooms were not involved in the creation of this content.

Anna is a prominent figure in the psychic world and has written over 300 articles on all things spiritual, otherworldly, and beyond our five senses. She has written in-depth profiles on professional clairvoyants, mediums, and other gifted individuals. She can be reached at [email protected]. McClatchy’s newsrooms were not involved in the creation of this content. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links.

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