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Joven suffers a motorcycle accident in the village of Noé de Gómez Palacio

A young man suffered a serious injury and suddenly suffered a motorcycle accident in Noé County in the town of Gómez Palacio.

It was around 5:30 a.m. this morning when the voicemail was received and reported on calls via a telephone call to the 911 emergency system.

A woman told the operators of the C-4 that there was an unconscious man tending to the edge of the river canal, has a costado de una motocicleta.

Elements of the Rural Police, registered with the Directorate of Security and Protection of the City, arrive at the office to attend the emergency call.

The agents located the injured person in situation indicated by the reporter, who It is assumed that you will travel on board your motorcycle if it is damaged and ends up injured.

Subsequently, we attended the paramedics of the Cruz Roja, who took care of the first aids and transferred them to the facilities of the General Hospital for specialized medical attention.


The injured person carried a voter’s credential to the number of Carlos aged 25 years, with his domicile in a Dolores population, because of which he suffered the accident.

The Preventive Agents will prepare a report on the accident, ensuring that the vehicle has the cargo of the person who reported the accident.

The case will be turned around before the Vice-Fiscal General of the State of Durango, Lagoon Region, instantiating that the corresponding investigation will be carried out if the accident occurs.

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