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Myles Garrett Got Ahold Of Another Steelers QB’s Helmet (Reaction)

Myles Garrett hits Mason Rudolph across the head with a helmet.

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Myles Garrett got his hands on another Steelers QB’s helmet, causing flashbacks for Pittsburgh players. As many remember a few years back, the Cleveland defender made waves when he hit Mason Rudolph across the head with his own headgear.

The Steelers weren’t going to let that ugly scene unfold again as they quickly pried the equipment from Garrett’s hands before anyone had a chance to react.

@fanduel Almost had déjà vu 😅 (via dan_gilbert73 on Twitter/X) #nfl #mylesgarrett #clevelandbrowns #pittsburghsteelers #afcnorth #masonrudolph #nflweek11 ♬ original sound – FanDuel

This time, it was Kenny Pickett’s protective headpiece, which got loose after he was tackled on a quarterback keeper. The Steelers offensive linemen weren’t messing around, snatching up the helmet from Myles Garrett’s grasp.

In his defense, the situation was much different than the last. The helmet rolled near Garrett’s feet in this instance, and he simply picked it up to return to its rightful owner.

Having seen what transpired the last time around, Pittsburgh players decided to make that delivery themselves.

Fans online immediately commented on the scene on social media.

“Steelers had flashbacks.”


The Steelers weren’t letting Myles Garrett get his hands on a helmet again.”

While no malintent was involved this Sunday, Pittsburgh was just being precautious.

After all, he nearly decapitated Rudolph in that 2019 contest. While leading the game 21-7, Rudolph and Garrett got into an altercation as the final seconds ticked from the clock. The defender ripped the quarterback’s helmet from his head then used it as a weapon.

@909arty♬ original sound – ARTY

The Steelers clearly haven’t forgotten.

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