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Pellegrini has not yet decided whether he will run for office

Speaker of the Parliament and head of the Hlas-SD party Peter Pellegrini has not yet decided whether he will run for president. If that were to happen, the party would have to survive it. This was stated by Minister of Labor Erik Tomáš (Hlas-SD) in the Markíza Na telo television talk show.

According to Tomáš, the party has no fear that it could merge with Smer-SD after the election of Pellegrini as president. “The elections showed that there are big differences between the Hlas and Smer parties and that the two social democracies can work side by side,” noted Tomáš. According to his own words, he did not think that he would then apply for the post of party chairman.

Remišová’s candidacy for the European Parliament is questionable

Member of Parliament Veronika Remišová from the club movement Slovakia, For the People, KÚ could not yet say in the discussion session whether she will run for the European Parliament. Remišová declared that they have never cooperated with Smer-SD or Hlas-SD and do not plan to do so under any law. In this way, she answered the question of whether they would support the draft constitutional law on the prohibition of adoptions of children by persons of the same sex from the Smeru-SD workshop.

In connection with the leader of the Slovakia movement, Igor Matovič, and his actions towards MP Ján Mažgút (Smer-SD), she stated that every MP is responsible for his own statements. “It’s his style of politics and he does his politics as he sees fit,” she pointed out. According to Remišová, less aggressiveness would be more beneficial. According to Tomáš, it is strange that Matovič is present at any incident.

The Minister of Labor has not yet discussed the future of the second pension pillar. He claims that they will not change the “three-pillar” nature of the pension system in the constitution. “We will look at parameters such as whether the second and third pillars are successful,” stated Tomáš.

E. Tomáš: The thirteenth pension will be paid accordingly

According to Tomáš, the thirteenth pension in the amount of the average pension will be paid to pensioners this year. Invalids or widowers will also receive it. “We are not taking a single cent from the current parental pension, but we are transferring the entire amount of 315 million euros intended for the parental pension to our amount intended for the 13th pension,” explained the minister. He added that pensioners this year also receive “Matovič’s social allowance”.

In the show, Remišová pointed out several lies about the payment of the 13th pension. “Two pensioners who raised two children, and they will receive 936 euros on our parental bonus. And you will take all of this money from them,” he claims. At the same time, the MP added that Hlas-SD already knew in the pre-election campaign that it would not be able to pay the 13th pension in the amount of 640 euros, and that it “swindled” the pensioners.

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Peter Pellegrini confirmed that he is considering a presidential candidacy

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