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Ramany: Energy security, supply chain

French President Emmanuel Macron talks about the renaissance of nuclear energy. France currently has 56 reactors in operation and is intensively preparing to build more. The company EDF (Électricité de France) wants to build on the experience from the period of the greatest boom in nuclear energy in Europe. She would also like to include Slovakia and the Slovak supply chain in the plans. According to V. Ramany, energy security and independence must be based on 100% European models.

What is the current position of the French nuclear industry in Europe?

Since the 1970s, France has taken bold steps in developing nuclear forces for civilian use. It managed to build almost 60 reactors in less than 25 years. It is an example that it is possible. However, it requires strong political will and significant industry involvement. Today we want to build on this experience.

What exactly does that mean?

We have the ambition to expand and share expertise and know-how and effectively support not only the transition to a low-carbon economy throughout Europe, but also strengthen energy independence and security. EDF is currently the only operator with a huge fleet significantly involved in the development, construction and operation of third generation (GEN3+) reactors in Europe.

Will you explain your EPR technology?

Today, there are three countries that have licensed EPR technology: France, Finland and the United Kingdom. In France, six plus eight EPR reactors are planned, in the United Kingdom two EPR reactors of the Hinkley Point C power plant are being built. The British government is investing in the continuation of the program with two more Sizewell C units. In Finland, we signed a cooperation agreement with Fortum at the end of last year. to explore the possibilities of further development of nuclear reactors. In total, this means that the EPR will already have twelve units in Europe in the 1930s.

What are the main breakthroughs in EDF’s cooperation with Slovakia?

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