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South Korea wins League of Legends Worlds final

This Sunday in Seoul, the final of the League of Legends Worlds takes place, the largest professional video game competition, pitting South Korea against China. An event which attracted millions of spectators to the country considered the promised land of e-sport. After the South Korean team won against the Chinese team, the spectators were euphoric.

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With our correspondent in Seoul, Nicolas Rocca

From the start, it was only for T1, the South Korean e-sport team, and its super star Faker. Even some Chinese hoped for victory, and their wish was granted, with a clear and flawless success, 3-0, against the Chinese from Weibo Gaming.

The atmosphere on site was worthy of the American Superbowl. Several tens of thousands of fans crowded around the arena, some coming without tickets simply to enjoy the atmosphere. Some fans posed in “ cosplay “, that is to say like the characters from the video game, and other fans, dressed in the colors of their favorite teams, encouraged their champions.

Fourth world title for Faker

Those who were able to return were treated to a spectacular opening ceremony. K-pop stars, the group NewJeans, who produced the competition anthem, set the mood in the room before the start of the match. Then, every time Faker, real name Lee Sang-hyeok, appeared on the screen, the audience screamed.

It must be said that with its extraordinary longevity, it is a true legend. At 27, he won his fourth world title, for the first time in his country. Much of South Korea was behind him, including tens of thousands of fans gathered in the heart of the capital to celebrate a historic victory for the South Korean public, and for many esports fans across the country. the world.

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