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Students liberate the Facsa de UJED and separate their cargo from trusting four employees

After five days of protest due to cases of abuse, sexual hostility and abuse of power, students of the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud de la UJED campus Gómez Palacio liberaron las instalaciones del plantel luego de que llegaron a algunos acuerdos con autoridades from the maximum studio house.

The Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango informed that the student Omar “N” was accused by a student of a probable crime of sexual intimidation and was immediately withdrawn from his position and that he was definitively removed from the UJED without permission or possibility. of contact or transfer of area. Last week, the director of the Facsa, Román de Santos Sánchez, I have told El Siglo de Torreón that this person has renunciated his voluntary service.

Mediate a communication, The educational institution has to know that it will be followed by all and any of the presented crimes through the Unidad de Prevención y Atención a casos de violencia de género en la UJED. In addition, you will request an application from the Administrative Council for academic personal regulation that avoids the contracting of documents with antecedents of violent crime and/or consent, in those cases referred to by the competent authority.

You must also be aware of how to extend the Actual Protocol in cases of UJED general violation, as well as the internal regulations of the faculty. The central administration, however, is committed to being vigilant to impede any type of warning and/or to respond to students and students “that you are aware of the value of denunciation in this case and that it is the case that causes them to be attacked”. The UJED, assured that the faculty faculty members Gerardo de Jesús N., Gerardo N., Efraín N., and Gabriel Alfonso N., did not form part of the Facsa during the period and that the investigation process was carried out after that you will be deprived of the definitive manner of your trustworthy cargo, regardless of the final dictamen.

In this way, we agreed with the conformation of a committee of students of the Facsa that documented the cases and/or cases of violence and violence of genero that were presented to the academic unit. It is said that the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud worked with director Rompan de Santos Sánchez, together with university authorities, acted immediately to acquire its faculties and is based on institutional regulations, “Prioritise the security of the students and the students of our new university because it is the reason for our work and compromise”.

Finally, we were informed that academic activities will be held on March 21, November 21.

Finally, we were informed that academic activities will be held on March 21, November 21. (EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN)

Este domingo, la Facsa se encuentra sans los cartelones de nonconformidad que habían colocado les studientes à las afueras y ambién retiron las precaución de los main accesses. It is possible to understand that the meeting between the student community and the educational authorities, in which the stability of the students will take place a day later.

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