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Christine Brown’s Husband David Woolley Hilariously Throws Shade At Sister Wives Star Kody Brown


  • Christine Brown, of Sister Wives, recently married David Woolley who is now playfully teasing her ex-husband Kody Brown.
  • Christine and David’s relationship moved quickly, getting engaged and married within a year of meeting each other.
  • David has a great sense of humor and is seen as one of the funniest cast members on Sister Wives.



Sister Wives Christine Brown recently married David Woolley, who is now hilariously shading Christine’s ex-husband Kody Brown. Christine and Kody ended their marriage after nearly 30 years together in 2021 when Christine chose to leave Kody. Documented throughout Sister Wives season 17, Christine decided to leave Kody after years of turmoil and ultimately moved from the family’s homestead in Flagstaff, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah. When she was ready to move on, Christine met David, and things moved quickly for the couple. Getting engaged and married within a year of meeting, the couple has been happy and sharing their relationship on social media.

On a recent trip to New York City, Christine shared photos of herself and David meeting up with her sister and brother-in-law. Among the comments on the photos, @suesanagomez on Instagram asked, “Did you save your grocery money for this trip?” Her comment, mocking the fact that Kody once asked Christine to save up their grocery money to use on a vacation rather than food for their family, was taken a step further when David himself replied to it.

David, a known jokester, replied to the comment with a quip of his own. “@suesanagomez nope spent the kids Xmas money😂,” David replied to the comment, cementing him as one of the funniest Sister Wives cast members.

Christine Brown & David Woolley’s Sister Wives Relationship Explained

Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley dressed up

Christine was hesitant to date after her divorce from Kody, especially considering her dating history was, in essence, her relationship with Kody. Going from being married for nearly 30 years, Christine shared that Kody was the only person she’d ever kissed and felt ill-equipped to move into a new relationship. Despite being fearful of moving on, Christine decided to take the plunge and begin online dating. She met David, and the two clicked quickly, initially finding they bonded over having many kids and grandkids. After meeting and getting to know one another better, David and Christine quickly realized they were falling for each other.

While some were skeptical of Christine finding someone and deciding to make her relationship public so quickly, Christine explained that she’d spent so long in a challenging relationship that she didn’t want to waste any time after finding someone she cared for so deeply. Christine and David shared that he’d proposed to her in April 2023, just six months into their relationship. David, who involved Christine’s children in the proposal, was excited to move into the next phase of his life with his future bride. The couple planned their wedding quickly, getting married in October 2023 with their friends and family by their sides.

Christine and David’s relationship may have moved quickly, but it makes sense that the couple clicked speedily and decided to move forward together. Their marriage has already been exciting, with the couple traveling all over the country as they’ve been celebrating their marriage and visiting their family. David, who seems to have a great sense of humor, is bound to be an excellent addition to Sister Wives Christine’s life moving forward.

Source: Christine Brown/Instagram

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