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Cork households used an average of 359 litres of water per day in 2022 

The average water consumption in Ireland fell by 5% in 2022, according to the latest figures provided by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). 

The CSO said the average monthly water consumption per meter per day in 2022 was 357 litres, compared to 375 litres in 2021.

It also said the median consumption of 261 litres per meter per day was 7% lower than the 2021 figures of 280 litres.

According to the CSO, this “reflects typical levels of consumption more than average consumption as the median is less affected by meters with very high levels of water use”, such as meters connected to a pipeline that could be suffering a leak.

Monthly readings were sent by Uisce Éireann from 783,606 public water supply meters. However, apartments that did not have an individual meter, private water schemes, and abstractions from wells were not included in the data.

The figures showed that November was the lowest month for water consumption, with an average of 343 litres being used per day. The average domestic monthly consumption of water was the highest in July and August, at 372 litres per day.

Furthermore, Co Longford recorded the highest annual average with 424 litres per day being measured from metered households that are connected to the public water supply, whereas Co Wexford saw the lowest in the country, with only 305 litres per day.

In Munster, households in Cork on average used 359 litres per day in 2022, Co Waterford saw 337 litres being used per day, whereas in Co Kerry, 366 litres were used.

Co Limerick saw an average 354 litres per day being consumed, Co Clare saw 334 litres per day, while Co Tipperary recorded the highest of 391 litres per day.

The new figures follow Uisce Éireann’s renewed appeal in September for people to limit their daily water usage.

It came as research found that more than half of Irish households had admitted to wasting water.

Uisce Éireann head of water operations Margaret Attridge said the average water use of one person was 133 litres per day and urged consumers to think about water consumption all year around.


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