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Javier Milei: how the end of the Argentine decade begins

The elected president, Javier Milei, augured this domingo that “how come the end of the Argentine decade”, he announced his first speech about the comics that won with 55.69% of the votes and 99.28% of the mesas scrutadas, y advised that “no hay vuelta atrás”.

“Basta del modelo empobrecedor de la casta, hoy volvemos abrazar las ideas de la libertad para ser una potencia mundial”, promised the leader of La Libertad Avanza (ultraderecha), who was dethroned in the second presidential view by the official Sergio Massa (44, 30 %).

Milei, of traje and corbata obscuros, dio su solo discurso sobre el scenario frente a “búnker” electoral abarrotado of sympathizers that the gritaban “¡Peluca presidente!” (por su corte de cabello) and “Libertad, libertad”. Milei was presented in the estrado by her inseparable hermana, Karina Milei, who merged into an arm, obviously moved by others.

The ultraliberal economist signaled that, by his hand, Argentina vYou will have to “return the route” that you do not have to abandon because of the “employment model of the omnipresent state” that only benefits others and that derives into a “botín” to share between politicians and their friends.

“How we turn to abrazar the ideas of freedom”, says. In reference to the fathers who founded the country, we heard very first: a decision that “returns” with the compromises that have been made, the “private property” and the “free trade”.

I advise the world that its “compromise” is with “democracy, free trade and peace” and that it will work “codo a codo with all the nations of the free world”.


The elected president signaled that Alberto Fernández’s government is “dejando a destroyed economy”, in fact it has a hyperinflación, problems in the market of cambios, of relative prices and of deuda.

“Take the decision into account” to take into account the tax charges and to resolve the problems of the Banco Central, affirmed. “This is not a problem for our shins” nor for “cobardes”, nor for “corruptos”, enfatizó.

In addition, the President has been opposed by the current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, who has taken charge of his mandate until the 10th of December, there is only one month that begins in the transition period.

Milei defined as “monumental” the problems that Argentina suffers by delanto” and lamented that the society “has abandoned” by the political class in the last decades.

The elective president also advised the Argentinians that “the changes” that the country required “its drásticos”.

“No hay lugar para el gradualismo, no hay lugar para la tibieza, no hay lugar para las medias tintas”, anticipated. “If we do not advance rapidly with the structural changes that Argentina necessitates -said-, our leaders will follow the crisis of our history”.

However, the difference in what was proclaimed in the country, this night Milei did not intend to make a profit, neither to destroy the Central Bank nor to “pass a motorcycle” by the public gas.

Welcome and resistance

The leader of a new movement, Javier Milei invited this night to the political leaders of other spaces that were taken into account by the change that Argentina required, no matter what they were before nor the differences. “Serán bienvenidos”, aseguró.

But we recognize that we have to “resist”, because we have to “maintain the system of privileges”.

To all the words: “Dentro de la ley todo, fuera de la ley nada”, because “in this new Argentina no hay lugar para los violentos, para los que violan la ley, para los que usan la fuerza para mantener sus privilegios” .

Milei agradeció por el “gesto patriótico” y la “generosidad” del exresidente Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) y la excandidata a presidente de su espacio, Juntos por el Cambio, Patricia Bullrich.

Ambos directedes apoyaron “disinterestedly”, según dijo, al libertario en esta segunda vuelta para ganar al oficialismo.

The fiscals of the Propuesta Republicana party (Pro), although Macri and Bullrich, among the members of the Cambio, wanted to “defend” the votes and many of their leaders were presented during Milei’s speech in the ganador’s party.

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