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Matt Barnes’ Twins Are Coached By Same Man He Once Beat Up

Derek Fisher Matt Barnes
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Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher have an amicable relationship in 2023. (Or so they say!)

That was not the case in 2015.

The former Lakers’ teammates had major beef, which led one to beat up the other. Their previously hostile relationship adds an interesting twist to the ongoing Crespi Camelite High School basketball season.

Isaiah and Carter Barnes play for the Celts. Fisher was named head coach of their high school basketball program back in August.

It was rather jarring to see Barnes sit in the stands not far from Fisher over the weekend!

Crespi, located in Encino, California, began its season last Tuesday. Fisher and the Barnes brothers are 4-0 by a combined score of 323-259.

Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes are cool.

According to the original report from the New York Post, Barnes drove 95 miles to “beat the s— out of” Fisher, his former teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers. Fisher was dating Barnes’ soon-to-be ex-wife Gloria Govan and was staying at the home that Barnes and Govan once shared.

Barnes and Govan were separated when this happened. Their divorce was not yet final at the time.

The New York Post was not entirely correct. Barnes later clarified that he drove only 15 miles before laying hands on Fisher. His grievance was not with the relationship, necessarily.

I live 15 minutes away, and I was going over to check on my kids because they seemed uncomfortable. That was my main reason for going over there.

— Matt Barnes

Here is his full account:

Govan started dating Fisher shortly after she and Barnes split. They got married in 2021.

Derek Fisher Matt Barnes Ex-Wife Gloria Govan
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The beef has since been squashed. Matt Barnes is “cool” with Derek Fisher.

Fast forward, we buried the hatchet, we spoke, because they’re still together […]

To me, it’s about raising this twins the best we possibly can, and co-parenting, so now he and I are cool. We’re on the same page. We communicate and see each other when we’re at events. They’ve been to my house for the twins’ birthday. I’ve been to their place.

— Matt Barnes in 2021, via Charges with Rex Chapman

Even if all is quiet on the Western Front, the sequence of events is pretty unique. Barnes once beat up Fisher while he was dating his then-wife. Fisher later married his ex-wife. Fisher is now coaching the two 14-year-old hoopers they co-parent.

And they’re both really good!

It can’t be easy for Barnes to bite his tongue when he disagrees with a coaching decision. Fortunately, Crespi is undefeated thus far so that hasn’t been an issue!

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