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nationalist activists organize anti-Chinese demonstration in Yangon

An extremely rare demonstration in Rangoon this Sunday. The cultural capital of Burma, Rangoon, was the scene of an anti-Chinese rally, organized by a party close to the ruling junta. Its activists accuse China of supporting rebel groups who have inflicted on the Burmese army in recent weeks its heaviest losses in two and a half years.

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Since the 2021 coup, no one has the right to demonstrate in Burma without the agreement of the junta. In other words, this gathering in the Burmese cultural capital obtained the tacit agreement of the government. The nationalist activists, as well as the radical monks, gathered around the Chinese embassy in Rangoon had a field day.

They publicly accuse Beijing of arming rebel groups, support their offensive, launched on October 27 in the east of the country and to interfere in the internal affairs of Burma. They also point the finger at China for allegedly purchasing rare materials from rebel groups in the country’s north at exorbitant prices.

For example, the demonstrators shouted: “ Beijing, you interfered in the internal affairs of Burma. Don’t try to exploit us. We will fight back! “, they threatened.

Punish the junta

These slogans chanted by small groups close to power constitute one of the first tangible signs of the generals’ annoyance, humiliated by the advance of the rebellion. The latter took hold in a few weeks more than 150 military posts and heavy equipment, such as tanks and artillery.

Given the Chinese influence in this region of the country, several observers believe that China let the rebels do their thing to punish the junta, to whom Beijing has been asking in vain for months to act against the criminal gangs that swarm near the Chinese border.

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