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People always have only one regret on their deathbed

For eight years, Bronnie Ware has been caring for terminally ill patients with three to twelve weeks left to live. During their last days on this earth, many told her what they regret most in life.

According to Ware, the most common response was: “I regret that I didn’t have the courage to live my life instead of the life that others expected of me.” Therefore, the caregiver thinks it is important to try to fulfill at least some of your dreams before it is too late. late. “Health brings a freedom that most people only realize when they lose it,” she added to the CNBC portal.

Psychologist Michael Gervais noticed the same behavior in his patients. Therefore, he always advises them to become more aware of the passage of time and increase the chances of a happier life. “In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget what’s most important to you. However, living with the awareness of your own mortality will fundamentally change what you value and how you decide to use your time,” the expert explained.

This way of life often reveals how empty the goals dictated by today’s culture are. Do social media comments really matter? Does it matter what kind of car you have? Does it matter that a group of friends has excluded you from their social circle? If they let you in again, do you really want to spend your precious time with them?

Accepting the fact that no one lives forever will help you better understand your true values. When a dermatologist tells you he wants to examine a suspicious mole, you probably don’t think about the image you’ve built to impress your colleagues. When you recognize that time is the most valuable commodity in the world, you will make decisions that correspond to your true desires.

You don’t have to wait until you’re on your deathbed to start regretting that you didn’t live differently. “You can start today with a clean slate. “Simply ask yourself what you regret right now,” Gervais advised.

If you’re already regretting not spending more time with your two-year-old daughter, you’ll probably be regretting it forty years from now. However, the difference with the future is that today you still have the opportunity to change it, the psychologist added.

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