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Town of Saugerties reviews law for changing message signs – Daily Freeman

TOWN OF SAUGERTIES, NY — Town Board members are reviewing proposed regulations that would prohibit commercial use of signs that frequently update sales information.

The code amendment is scheduled for a 5:30 pm Dec. 5 public hearing in the Frank D. Greco Multi-Purpose Building at 207 Market St.

“The updated law … did not make allowances for digital changing message signs and clearly there is a demand for them,” Supervisor Fred Costello said. “There seems to be an appropriate way to install them where they are somewhat tasty. This law is an attempt to acknowledge that and make it allowable for not-for-profits.”

There were discussions about allowing commercial properties to use the signs but officials did not want to have situations where there are signs at several consecutive businesses.

“We don’t want to be a referee,” Costello said. “So, we avoided that by not authorizing businesses.”

Changing message signs would be limited to not-for-profit groups, governmental agencies and public safety organizations.

The regulations cover signs that are in fixed locations such as billboards and business entrances.

Under the proposed regulations:

• Illuminated signs can only have lights that emit a constant intensity. They cannot have flashing, moving or scrolling lights.

• Wiring for freestanding signs needs to be placed underground and concealed within the sign structure.

• Landscape plantings would need to be placed and maintained at the base of the sign.

• Multi-dwelling projects would only be allowed to have one sign that is no more than 25 square feet on each side.

• Agricultural and residential signs would be limited to 12 square feet per side, with agricultural properties allowed to have two sandwich boards that are no more than 9 square feet.

• Schools would be allowed one wall sign and one freestanding sign that does not exceed 24 square feet.

• Changing message signs would not be allowed within 50 feet of a signalized intersection.

• Changing message signs would need to be at least 500 feet from a similar sign that is along a road with a 55 MPH speed limit and 400 feet on roads with a 40 MPH speed limit.

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