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Charly Alpez and Damny, a friendly song

On the Day of Santa Cecilia, the celebration of music, Urban Chronicles highlights the story of Carlos Alarcón, a 28-year-old from the Lagoon County, artistically known as Charly Alpez. His life is a mezcla armoniosa of music, theater of comedy, clown and spectacle, featuring a special lazo with his inseparable companion, a labrador llamado “Damny”.

With his preparation in the Musical Studio Centre, Charly ventured into the city of Mexico at the age of 20, beginning with the complexity of the musical business. Sin embargo, the life of the tenía reserved a special note in 2017, while in solidarity with the llevó as a volunteer with the devastador temblor of aquel 19 de septiembre.

Amidst solidarity and passion for music, Charly met Damny, a labrador who lost his home in the dark. At the cost of trying to reunite with our friends, Damny decided that Charly would be human. From these words, this small portion of four patas has been converted into its accompanying companion, private events and by the citizens of the city, where they stay like the Alameda and El Paseo Colon in their predilected scenarios to share their talent.

“El llegó a mi vida a enseñarme muchas cosas, sobre todo la responsablidad, me enseñó a ser muy diferente a cómo afrontas la vida. Un 27 de octubre lo vi, nos hicimos muy amigos, ya no separaba me, ahí fue donde me say ‘tú vas a ser mi dueño'”.


Charly and Damny are one of two exceptional artists; no solo part of the scene, but it also played a role in other theater groups.

Charly’s musical passion germinated in his six years in the bar of his fathers that was established in the bullish building of the Constitución de Torreón. At this point of his life, enjoying all kinds of music, if José José and Javier Solís were influenced by them, admiring the technique of music.

Carlos has composed various songs that include genres like rock, blues and rap, and recently forayed into the urban genre, without failing to compose a composition to his good friend. In addition to his musical career, he lived his life at “Los Carnales Calabaza”, a theatrical project that mixes music, theater, songs and songs. With our projects, we include a Christmas special with Damny.

Para Alpez, the music is not solo on the road, but on the style of life. Come on the trucks and my big sueño, together with my best friend Damny, are “llegar hasta las stars”. When you hear this song, you will be able to enjoy music and theater with your partner.

Antes de despedirse, Charly Alpez hace un llamado a cuidar a las mascotas y comparte a advice: “Persigan sus sueños y confiíen en ustedes mismos”. This urban chronicle we already have with the melody of a special friend, records that trust in one mismo is the key to touch every star.

Charly and Damny are one of two exceptional artists;  He also played a role in theater roles.  (FOTO: VERÓNICA RIVERA)

Charly and Damny are one of two exceptional artists; He also played a role in theater roles. (FOTO: VERÓNICA RIVERA)

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