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Confirmation & Everything We Know So Far

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  • Creed 4 is officially in development, showing the producers’ interest in keeping the spinoff series relevant with multiple sequels.
  • The confirmation announcement did not provide plot or release window details, but the focus is on creating a quality story.
  • Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson are expected to reprise their roles, while other cast members remain uncertain. The next film may explore new fighters in the gym or continue Donnie’s story.



With the movie in the early stages of planning, there are a few things everyone should know about Creed 4, the next film in the Creed series. The Creed trilogy is the celebrated spinoff of the legendary, if not variably successful, Rocky franchise. Creed (2015) garnered one Academy Award nomination for Sylvester Stallone and a Golden Globe Best Actor win for the series creator. Creed II (2018) was not nearly the same awards darling but still garnered an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, with Creed III (2023) achieving a higher score. Not just critically successful, the Creed films are all major blockbuster tentpoles as well.

The Creed films take place years after the Rocky timeline and center on Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis “Donnie” Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Rocky trains Donnie just like he used to be trained and helps him get to the top of the boxing world. The rest of the trilogy tracks many similar beats from the Rocky films while adding original elements and personal themes that make these movies their own. Creed is the type of movie franchise that can go on for a long time (particularly if Donnie can fight and Jordan remains interested), with Creed 4 being the next step.

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Creed 4 Recent News

The Latest On Creed 4

Adonis walking into the stadium pit and pumping himself up in Creed 3

The latest update regarding the popular boxing franchise is that Creed 4 is officially in development. Though Creed III was only released in 2023, it is clear that producers have a high interest in keeping the spinoff series relevant through a multitude of sequels, much like the original Rocky series. Though the news was somewhat light on details, it is an exciting sign that great things are on the horizon for the franchise.

Creed 4 Is Confirmed

Creed 4 Is On The Way

Adonis Creed looking at Rocky Balboa in Creed

Creed 4‘s confirmation was revealed by series producer Irwin Winkler, who did offer a few small clues about the upcoming sequel. Though the confirmation announcement didn’t include details about the plot or even a release window, Winkler put an emphasis on the quality of the story when he said “We think we have a really good story“. He also alluded to a production timeline when he said “About a year from now we’re going into pre-production“.

Creed 4 Cast

Who Will Star In Creed 4?

Any Creed film will need to have Michael B. Jordan reappear in one of his best movies as Donnie, and Tessa Thompson should also make an appearance as Bianca Taylor as well. Wood Harris has appeared in every Creed film as Tony “Little Duke” Evers, so he would probably return for a fourth. However, after that, the casting for Creed 4 is up in the air. Most likely, there will be a new boxer for Donnie (or whoever is leading the film) to face.

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Creed 4 Story Info

What Could Happen In Creed 4?

Viktor Drago standing up to Adonis in Creed 2

There have not been any story details released about Creed 4 but Jordan’s response about expanding the Creed universe could mean the focus of the franchise is swinging away from Donnie. With Creed running a boxing academy, there are a number of stories that could branch off from the fighters at the gym. The expanded Creed universe could see each of the fighters as part of a new film or the next movie could even be about the entire gym and depict what Donnie needs to do to train all the young talents.

When Jordan uses the term “Creed-verse”, he may have just been speaking in the lingo of the current Hollywood landscape as now every blockbuster is expected to have a universe attached to it. Creed 4 could simply just follow what happens next in the Donnie story. There are sure to be more challenges and new hurdles for the character to overcome and the formula of the franchise is certainly not broken. There might not be a need to change anything for Creed 4 and the next Rocky franchise movie could be a typical, but well-made, boxing movie.

The Ending Of Creed III Could Set Up Creed 4

How Creed III Could Connect To Creed 4

An image of Adonis ready to fight in Creed

There are not any mid-credits scenes at the end of Creed III, but the final scene implies what could come next in the franchise. After defeating Dame in Dodger Stadium, Donnie joins Bianca and his 9-year-old daughter, Amara, in the ring for a family moment. The final sequence shows Donnie pretending to box with his daughter. This scene could be a tease that Creed 4 and the next movies in the Creed saga will be about Amara and Donnie’s relationship (being a father and a trainer at the same time).

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