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Divine: a celebration of the untamed spirit

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As December rolls in, a new art exhibition will be added to Nicosia’s art scene. Marina Solonos will present her first solo showcase next month at Kasteliotissa Hall. The opening event, on December 1 at 6pm, will be inaugurated by Archbishop Georgios.

The exhibition will only run for two days and will showcase Solonos’ paintings of mythical powerful women and their sacred connection to the divine. “Her women are mythic goddesses,” say organisers, “the same ones who have fought battles, but are fragile and empowered both by their psyche and by their nudity, painted from a single moment in their existence, defined by realism, that makes them identifiable.


“Her divine female is viewed from a single moment in their lifetime of grandiloquence and euphoric mythical tales, and therefore transcends from a mural-like perspective that makes the mythic figure easily identifiable. They transcend their original and story-like selves, to remember and remind us, of that one moment of vulnerability poised in self-love and awareness.

“The Divine,” they conclude, “is a celebration of the untamed spirit within all of us, but seen through the eyes of these Greek goddesses. Solonos invites her audience to contemplate the delicate balance of strength and vulnerability, as seen through the lens of timeless mythological narratives. Through her artwork, she encourages viewers to reflect on their own inner power and the innate connection to the divine within.”


The Divine

Solo exhibition of Marina Solonos. December 1-2. Kasteliotissa Hall, Nicosia. Opening night: 6pm. 11am-6pm. Tel: 96-911410

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