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Gen V Season 1 Blooper Reel Highlights Wild Side Of The Boys Spinoff’s Craziest Scenes


  • Gen V season 1 exceeded expectations as a spinoff, maintaining the success and acclaim of The Boys while offering a fresh and unique perspective.
  • The blooper reel from season 1 showcases the cast’s hilarious behind-the-scenes antics and notable cameo appearances.
  • Gen V season 1 successfully establishes its own identity by introducing new, uncorrupted Supes and captivating central characters, while still maintaining connections to the original series.



A new blooper reel from Gen V season 1 has given a fresh behind-the-scenes look at The Boys spinoff show. Set at Vought International’s Godolkin University, Gen V introduced audiences to a younger generation of superpowered heroes in the making as they uncovered the existence of a sinister research facility hidden on campus grounds. Earning rave reviews and pulling in strong viewership numbers, Gen V was officially renewed for season 2 before season 1 had even finished its original eight-episode run.

Now the official Gen V Twitter account has posted a new blooper reel from season 1, showcasing some of the behind-the-scenes antics of the cast. Check it out below:

Revealing the show’s cast struggling to retain a straight face through their many outrageous lines, the clip also featured many of the show’s notable cameo appearances, including Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy and Colby Minifie’s Vought CEO Ashley Barrett. The clip also concludes with a hilarious look at Antony Starr reacting to being suspended in midair for his own cameo entrance as Homelander in the Gen V season 1 finale.

How Gen V Season 1 Lives Up To The Boys’ Hype

Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau looking shocked in Gen V and Seven in The Boys

With The Boys quickly evolving to become one of Prime Video’s most watched and critically acclaimed television offerings since its own 2019 debut, it probably came as little surprise when it was announced that a live-action spinoff was in the works just one year later. Though it would take another few years for audiences to get their first glimpse of what would eventually become Gen V, its own reception would thankfully go on to echo that experienced by the flagship series that inspired it.

Over the years, many spinoffs of more popular shows have largely failed to live up to the enormous expectations bestowed upon them by their progenitors. Prior to Gen V’s own release, there was no small number of audience members concerned that The Boys’ own spinoff series would suffer the same fate and offer the franchise’s first real sign of weakness. However, showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters did an exceptional job of building on the already-established world of The Boys, while also offering a fresh perspective on the original source material.

While Michele Fazekas will return as showrunner for Gen V season 2, her writing partner Tara Butters has stepped away from the show and will not return.

What helped to make Gen V season 1 so successful as a spinoff, is that while it established multiple connections to the flagship show, it also blazed its own path by providing audiences a fresh look at Supes who had not yet been corrupted by Vought’s corporate machinery. While it would have been easier for the show’s writing team to follow the same kind of expectations established by the kinds of Supes featured in The Boys, Gen V season 1 was able to prove itself capable of standing on its own feet and introducing its own suite of equally fascinating central characters.

Source: Gen V/Twitter

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