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In less than 72 hours, the ChatGPT creative company entered into crisis, what happened?

In less than 72 hours, the ChatGPT creative company entered into crisis. ¿The cause? The despido of Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI. This decision provoked a surge of developments that complicated the future of the company specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

We have just passed the notice that Sam Altman, now ex CEO of OpenAI, has been despatched by the company’s directive. Aunque por el momento solo se ha mentioned that the cause of his despido was that Altman “no fue consistently sincero en sus communicaciones con la junta”, aúdan quedan dudas de las razones que lelevaron a los direvos a tomar esta decision.

Where Nadie hopes is that Altman’s desire has serious consequences for the companyhe is no longer the only CEO of OpenAI, but also Greg Brockman, co-founder, president and member of the board of OpenAI. Asimismo, ahora infringe the possible renuncia of a large number of employees of the company.

NOVEMBER 17, 2023

On November 17, through a meeting with the OpenAI Administrative Council, the government spoke to Sam Altman on his request. Additionally, Greg Brockman was informed that he had been expelled from the administrative council, now it’s a cargo of the presidency of OpenAI.

In the words of Sam Altman, who was the cargo of the next man, Mira Murati, director of technology at the company. Through a communication, the junta directive declared “OpenAI was deliberately structured to advance our mission: guarantee that artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. The union fully compromises to fulfill this mission. We acknowledge Sam’s numerous contributions to the foundation and growth of OpenAI. Al mismo time, we believe that we need a new guide to medida that we advance”.

Additionally, add: “Mira is exceptionally qualified to assume the role of internal ejective director. We have the maximum confidence in his ability to lead OpenAI during this transition period”.

Subsequently, Sam Altman has officially released OpenAI through a publication in X (before Twitter).

Sin embargo, the decisions taken by the directing committee provoke a series of effects that are directly linked to OpenAI. This same day, Greg Brockman announced through X that dimite from OpenAI following the despido of Sam Altman.

Furthermore, I have published the form in which we will provide information that will be assigned to the co-founders of the company.

NOVEMBER 18, 2023

The reactions before Altaman’s decision were not to be expected, but they could not be reached with the latest information, together with Brockman, and other very senior investigators of the company also renounced OpenAI.

For his part, Sam Altman did not ask his cruzados arms for a day of his desire to negotiate an inversion to create a new AI business, in which Greg Brockman also participated, after which he agreed. “The Information”.

Mientras que Microsoft et inversores de OpenAI started to press the advice to give a view to Sam Altman as CEO of the company.

NOVEMBER 19, 2023

In addition to the efforts that were made to take the view to Altman, Segun The Information, the co-funder of OpenAI did not join the company. So the announcement came from company founder Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI scientist who supposedly led the initiative to send Sam Altman.


The announcement he made by Sutskever caused that employees’ documents announced their intention to renounce their cargoes so that Altman would not return to the company.

Soon Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, worked through

Por su parte, Ilya Sutskever declared in X: “Deeply lament my participation in the actions of the group. However, I have the intention to damage OpenAI. I am delighted to do everything that we built together and to do everything that could bring the company together”this is what I expected to do when Altman’s despair was destroyed.

This is due to the rumors of a possible regression by Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI.

For this reason, the established periodical Kara Swisher, specialized in technological companies, gave a communication in

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

At the moment there is no more information about what happens with the company specializing in artificial intelligence, without embargo, there are rumors that Sam Altman only returned to OpenAI if people made the decision to abandon their cargoes, and everyone among them The blade and the blade are subject to company directives.

By his side Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft, said through “in the new Microsoft AI investigation laboratory”.

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