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Samuel García offers the campaign ‘juvenil to destroy political life’ in Mexico

The governor of the Mexican state of New York (north), Samuel García, took this route as a candidate for the Presidency in the 2024 elections by the President of the City Council (MC) and offered a campaign “youth to lose life”. política” in México.

“To submit the precandidatura, we formally precandidatos from the 20th of November to the 18th of April. Please note one campaña alegre, naranja, ‘fosfo’, divertida, juvenil que va a derrotar a la vieja politica el 2 de junio”expressed García.

The politician, of 35 years, considers that this line of action could overturn the traditional parties represented by the Institutional Revolutionary Parties (PRI) and the National Action (PAN), of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), as well as the Movement official National Regeneration (Morena).

In fact, which took place in the Plaza de los Tres Museos, at a cost of the Macroplaza, center of the city of Monterrey, capital of the state, assisted 25,000 people, of acuerdo with the official cifra reported by Civil Protection of the state.

The state agent, who has approved a license to separate your cargo from owner, from the 2 of December of 2023 to the 2 of June of 2024, It maintains a tense relationship with the State Congress, mainly in the field of law to formally separate it from its cargo. para contender for the presidential candidacy.

Respect to his gobierno, to García the one who encountered problems like the escape of water occasionally by the sequía and also a creciente inseguridad with his choices like injured or mutilated people in the streets as they have not been seen for a decade.

We note that the difference between our controversial political movements is related to the best men and women for the most popular elections in the proximate electoral process of 2024.

Start immediately against contenders


García, who entered politics in 2015 and llegó al gobierno estatal en October de 2021, has criticized the form of hacer politics of city parties and before the anticipated campaign of campaigns has been launched on various occasions on all occasions against the alliance opositora Frente Amplio por México y su ahora precandidata, Xóchitl Gálvez, aunque ahora la tomó contra la precandidata officialista Claudia Sheinbaum.

“A diferencia de la corcholata (Shienbaum) que da pure lata, la del Frente (Gálvez) va para atrás, en caída libre, Movimiento Ciudadano tiene los mejores hombres y mujeres al Senado, a la Cámara de Diputados y a las alcaldías. Vamos en equipo juntos”, señaló.

As Dante Delgado, president of his party, Frente Amplio por México, integrated by PRI, PAN and PRD “is like the Titanic”.

“If you are here, it is in the fifth box and you can hear the song, but no matter what the background is, there are still some pastries of ahogado”, sostuvo.

In the middle of the gritos of “¡Presidente, presidente!” And the orange flags, the color of his party, García agreed that Mexico has a president who will be inverted in the country.

“That is more important than the children and girls of Mexico, that the grammar in New León can be reproduced in all countries”, it said.

It is said that Mexico is a candidate for young people who have never been elected “because the young people, the ‘millennials’, the ‘centennials’ are 60% of the population of the country”, says and says that this is the moment that there “is a joven a marcar la agenda del país”.

We want universal coverage for all Mexico, we want Tesla in all Mexico -the company will install a plant in New León in 2024-, We asked for $100,000 in all Mexico, extra inversion, new charges, new aeropuertos as in New León.

This is a step that ensures that aspiring women begin their period of exposure before the city in general and the activists of their parties, the Mexican electoral authority has an official calendar of 60 dayswhich begins on November 20 and concludes on December 18 of 2024.

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