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Cork-based marketing firm Granite Digital continues growth with new contract

Marketing firm Granite Digital announced it will create another 10 jobs and grow revenues by an additional €1.2m over the next year through a new contract.

The Cork-based company secured a contract with digital marketing agency Kentico which is expected to boost customer numbers and fuel further market expansion.

“Together with Kentico, we have strong growth targets in Ireland and internationally, particularly in the United States,” said Robert Carpenter, Granite Digital COO.

“As the demand for digital services offerings continues to surge, we are determined to scale more companies through transformative digital solutions, propelling our own company’s growth in the process,” he continued.

The new roles being created are in software engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning and technology consulting, and will be made available across Granite’s offices in Cork, Dublin and Galway by the end of 2024.

Prior to the latest deal, Granit Digital acquired 14 digital services businesses, including Continuum, Connector, Webtrade, MediaOne, Apps Made Easy, New York-based LCM 247, and most recently Armour.

Granite Digital said the acquisition of Continuum, which had a contract with Kentico prior to the merger, was “crucial in fostering and elevating the Kentico relationship”.

Kentico is used by more than 35,000 websites across 120 countries and Granite said the deal will enable the company to reach annual revenues of more than €15m.

“We are delighted to join forces with such an ambitious company and extend our best wishes for their continued success as they embark on their remarkable scaling journey,” said Dominik Pintér, Kentico chief executive.

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