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Ingrid Grudke’s harsh confession about the abuse she suffered during her career: “If I say names it’s a scandal”


Ingrid Grudke She opened her heart and confessed that she suffered several abuses during her modeling career.

The driver spoke with Hector Maugeri for the cycle +Faces and when the journalist asked her if it was true that she was abused, she told her hard story.

What Ingrid Grudke said about the abuse she suffered

“When I grew up I realized that there were several situations and moments, that if I tell it today it is abuse. The touching and some other things that I don’t want to go into details because there are people or names that you can’t give.“, be sincere.

“At that time it was naturalized, but today I realize that it is an abuse. I had sex so they would leave me alone“, lament Ingrid Grudke.

“It’s just that a man bothers you a lot because he wants to go out with you and, in reality, he just wants to have sex with you, and it was like ‘I don’t like him that much, but that’s it.’ Now I think about it and wonder why I said yes at that time. “It’s just that now women talk, we tell… so, talking to friends, you realize that this is abuse too,” she added.

“I had uncomfortable situations, like being called to a casting and not seeing anyone. You arrive at the office of a man with a name, but you can’t say it because it’s his word against mine. Nowadays if I say it it’s a scandal. “I have no evidence to say it, it’s her word against mine,” the model said.

“A casting is a job interview, you don’t need to go out with anyone to meet,” he warned. Ingrid Grudke to those who are starting on the path of modeling.

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