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Iran announces that it has tested a new hypersonic missile

Iran announced on Thursday that it had tested a new hypersonic missile capable of reaching Israel and all the countries in the region with unprecedented power.

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With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

This new hypersonic missile, the Khorramshahr-4, has a speed 16 times the speed of sound and is capable according to the Iranian authorities of passing through all anti-defense systems

The announcement of the manufacture of this missile was made last November. The images of its launch were released on Thursday. This gives Iran a strategic military capability, especially against Israel.

Iran has a vast ballistic and drone manufacturing program that worries Western countries. Only Russia, the United States, North Korea and China have hypersonic missiles.

In addition to this announcement, Iran is building a new nuclear site buried under the mountain which is impossible to destroy.

Tehran’s various military and nuclear programs give it strategic superiority in the region, while Iran has decided to normalize its relations with Saudi Arabia, which has been in conflict with Tehran for ten years.

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