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– Is one reason why we have this investment


Of NTB | 04.06.2024 05:33:06

Working life: This year, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority has a particular focus on wages and working conditions and accommodation, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority states in a press release, writes The nation.

Last year, the inspections showed that the farmers who bring in berry pickers have taken on an important responsibility and are doing a lot of good.

– But even if we uncovered few serious violations, there is a reason why we still have this investment, says acting director Ronny Jørgenvåg.

In inspections, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority holds talks with both employers and employees. Foreign employees often do not have knowledge of rights and duties or know the language, and therefore the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Authority also has brochures in various languages ​​to be distributed to employees.

Statistics Norway figures from 2023 showed that in the second quarter of 2022 there were over 92,000 foreign commuters who worked in Norway, which constitutes a small proportion of the total number of employed people, just over three percent, writes Exclamation.

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