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Isabel De Negri’s extravagant look on her return to Big Brother in tribute to Lady Gaga


Isabel De Negriformer participant of Big Brother (Telefe)made the news again when she returned to the most famous house in the country, but this time it was not because of her conflicts, but because of her extravagant look that surprised everyone in tribute to Lady Gagathe American singer.

The ‘Queen’who received that nickname from fans, had an extraordinary look when he entered the reality show this Monday, June 3, in a new Frozen that prepared the production prior to another nomination gala in the final stretch.

At 65 years old, she dared to pose in a shiny black mesh with a set of pearls and sleeves that matched her perfectly. On her face, she wore particular glasses in reference to the video ‘Telephone’ of Lady Gaga and a short, flowing wig representing ‘Alexander’another hit from the singer.

On the other hand, a former participant had presented his production in a video on his social media account. instagram, And wrote: “Mother Queen is coming tonight.” His publication received more than 5,500 likes and around 340 comments.

Isabel de Negri and her new look for Big Brother 1
Isabel de Negri and her new look for Big Brother. (Capture: Instagram)

Before this look, she made another photo and video production wearing red lingerie. In one of her photographs, she is seen with a bottle of wine from the Catena winery in Mendoza. “Hello hello, baby. Pulpitating #LG7 and this tremendous production with them”, expressed on his networks. Her fans showered her with praise on more than 700 comments and 14,300 likes.

Isabel de Negri and her new look
Isabel de Negri and her new look. (Capture: Instagram)

“There is no comparison. The one who is Queen, is Queen”; “The Queen not only served, she also devoured. My respects”; “They gave you the plate and you ate everything, beautiful body”; “You are a goddess of Olympus”, were among the comments of Internet users for the new look that Isabel De Negri brought to Big Brother (Telefe).

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