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Isabel Macedo confronted Mirtha Legrand when she asked her about Pampita: “It doesn’t seem right to me to stay clinging to things from the past”


Isabel Macedo He refused to talk about Carolina Pampita Ardohain and starred in an uncomfortable moment with Mirtha Legrand.

In the air of Having lunch with Juana – Mirtha Special (El Trece), the diva asked the actress about her relationship with the model, but she did not want to talk about it to avoid scandals.

What happened between Isabel Macedo and Pampita

It is worth remembering that 14 years ago, Isabel Macedo and Pampita fought hard in a bowling alley in Punta del Este over Benjamín Vicuña. Although both acknowledged having become friends over time, they prefer to avoid the topic.

How is your relationship with Pampita?“he asked Mirtha Legrand. “Well… well,” Macedo simply replied and added bluntly: “I have selective memory“.

“It’s okay, dear, it’s okay,” the driver told her, noticing the discomfort there was. “Yes, it’s fine, but… I don’t think it’s good to hold on to things from the past.“It seems good to me to look at the present and the future,” the artist confronted her. And she stated: “Life is this, growth, trying to be better, it’s all that lies ahead and what we have today“.

Back in 2010, Isabel Macedo and Benjamin Vicunawho was in a relationship with Pampitathey starred in the novel Don Juan and his beautiful lady. This sparked rumors of an affair between the actors, and during a party in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Carolina physically and verbally attacked Isabel.

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