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Israel is prepared for a direct attack from Iran


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the country is prepared for a direct attack from Iran. Photo: Abir Sultan / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 13.04.2024 21:53:36

Education: Israel on Saturday introduced a series of security measures in anticipation of an imminent Iranian attack.

– Our defense systems are ready, and we are prepared for any scenario, both in defense and attack, he says in a televised speech.

Furthermore, the Israeli Prime Minister says that Israel is supported by the United States and “many” other countries.

Among other things, the country has closed all schools and canceled children’s and youth activities in the country, as well as introducing restrictions which mean that only 1,000 people are allowed to gather outdoors, with an even lower number in the border areas.

The measures will last for two days.

Iran has vowed to retaliate for an attack on its consulate in Syria last week. Israel is believed to be behind the attack, but has not commented on it.

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