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Israel was on the UN list of countries and organizations that have committed crimes against children, says the ambassador


Foreign Minister Israel Katz (right) says that the inclusion of Israel on a list of child abusers will have consequences for relations with the UN. Katz is pictured here during a visit to Paris on 22 May. Photo: Jeffrey Schaeffer / AP / NTB

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Policy: The militant Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Holy War (Jihad) are also listed, a diplomatic source told Reuters and AFP. This information was given after the strong Israeli reaction.

Erdan calls the decision shameful. He states that he was made aware of the listing on Friday by Guterres’ chief of staff.

The ambassador immediately posted a video on social media where his reaction to the phone call was very clear.

The list of abusers is included in a report on children and armed conflicts. It will be presented to the UN Security Council on 14 June.

– I am shocked and full of disgust at this shameful decision by the Secretary General. Israel’s army is the most moral in the world, so this immoral act will only help the terrorists and reward Hamas, says Erdan.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz says that Guterres’ action will have consequences for the country’s relationship with the UN.

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