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Israel will do anything to defend itself


The Prime Minister maintains that Israel will do everything necessary to defend itself against the threat from Iran. Photo: AP / NTB

Of NTB | 17.04.2024 14:43:01

War and conflicts: British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock were in Israel on Wednesday to warn Israeli leaders against escalating the conflict with Iran.

The two had talks with President Isaac Herzog and Foreign Minister Israel Katz, but during the meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu they received a clear message.

– Let me make it absolutely clear – we will make our own decisions, and Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend itself, he said, according to an announcement.

Cameron said before the meeting with Netanyahu that Israel has decided to respond to the Iranian drone and missile attack last weekend.

He added that he hopes an Israeli attack is carried out in a way that does not lead to an escalation of the situation. The same message has come from a number of countries, including Norway, in recent days.

The fear is that the conflict between Israel and Iran will escalate into a major regional war.

Cameron urges the G7 countries to introduce new coordinated sanctions against Iran after the attack on Israel. The foreign ministers of the G7 countries will meet on Thursday in Italy.

On Sunday night, Iran sent a barrage of rockets and drones towards Israel in response to an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria. Seven Iranian officers were killed there, among them two generals.

Almost all of the Iranian missiles and drones were shot down with the help of the United States, and there was minimal damage on the ground.


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