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It was announced who decided to end the relationship first between La China Suárez and Rusherking


Pochi from Gossipeame counted on Start the day (Ciudad Magazine) details about the break between China Suarez and Rusherking after confirmation of courtship with Angela Torres. According to him, he said, the singer decided to end the relationship with the actress, and in turn he commented that she was very hurt when he ended the relationship.

“The one who wanted to end the relationship was Rusherking and she was very hurt by the end of this relationship, she was very marked”, Pochi began. And he added: ““He had given her a car in the middle of the crisis.”commented one of the panelists, and the Instagrammer assured him that she returned it to him with a crane.

And if that was not enough, China Suarez I loved a lot Angela Torres, the new girlfriend of his ex Rusherking, and now since they are together he feels a slight rejection towards her. It must be remembered that she was Angela Torres who was present at the presentation of her first musical single, and in a certain way supported her in her career as a singer, said Pochi from Gossipeame.

What happened between Ángela Torres and La china Suárez?

Angela Torres revealed in Partners of the Show (El Trece) that China Suarez He has her blocked from the networks since she confirmed her courtship with Rusherking.

“That day when I saw them leaving Luis Miguel, I asked you why he had unfollowed someone, an ex of his, and then you stopped following her too,” the notary told her and she replied: “No, I never stopped following anyone.”

“Did you never follow her?” He asked and the actress responded: “I did follow her, but I think I was blocked, no idea. I don’t take much charge, but I didn’t stop following anyone. Imagine, each one with their processes and their life and their personal world. “I’m not going to get involved in that.”

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