It was revealed that Furia once again took the award for “favorite player”

It was revealed that Furia once again took the award for “favorite player”

Big Brother (Telefe) came to an end and, in its last gala, the former participants were part of a awards which culminated in Juliana Furia Scaglione as winner of the “favorite player” category.

Within the categories that the production set, the siblings had to vote for who they considered the winner of each one, and that is how the athlete managed to be victorious. However, In the live broadcast he decided to reject the award and give it to Santiago del Moro.

In any case, it seems that Telefe did not allow this exchange and that, since he did not accept it, they were going to give it to the second place. According to Agustín Rey, X (ex Twitter): “I’m told that Furia grabbed the prize again because she heard that Cata came second in the vote and she didn’t want her to keep it. The players were surprised because many had voted for Martín (Ku).”

It was revealed that Furia once again took the award for “favorite player”
Fury finally accepted his award

This information was even replicated by El Chino’s girlfriend, Marisol, who posted on the same social network: “In the end, he had given the award to Santi, But when she found out that the one who came second was Mother Cata, she asked Santi again for the prize.“.

Who were the winners of the Big Brother Awards?

In the last program of this edition, the authorities decided to change the routine and do something they had not done in previous reality shows. Each of the awards were presented by the panelists who were present throughout the cycle from December 2023 to July 2024.

The first prize went to the category ‘Best couple’ that was left in the hands of Bautista Mascia and Denisse Gonzalez (Baunisse). They defeated Sabrina Cortez and Alan Simone (Sabrilan), Nicolas Grosman and Lucia Maidana (Luchico) and Florence Regidor next to Nicolas Grosman (Florico).

In the category ‘Best kiss’, Sabrina Cortéz and Rosina Beltrán (Because she painted) They won the prize. They beat Juliana Furia Scaglione and Emmanuel (The kiss of death), Mauro D’Alessio and Catalina Gorostidi (Kissing for sport).

In the category ‘Best Dance’, Dario Martinez Corti won the award with the Darodance and surpassed Emmanuel Vich (Tree tree)Coty Romero (Teaching trends)Virginia Demo (With hands up).

In the category ‘Better fall’, Agostina Spinelli He kept the prize after hitting the floor when Catalina Gorostidi he came back to Big Brother for the play-off (Sliding towards the door). The former police officer surpassed Virginia Demo with Virginia falling in style already Denisse Gonzalez with Denisse gave her all for the game.

In the category ‘Best Look’Emmanuel Vich (Iconic) won the award, beating out Zoe Bogach in the shortlist (The dress of death)Florence Cabrera (Entry look)Denisse Gonzalez (Wearing an authentic Sol Pérez)Florence Councillor (Total black)Isabel de Negri (The Queen reloaded) and Juliana Furia Scaglione (Own).

In the category ‘Better cry’Virginia Demo was the winner of the award with her ‘weather problems’. He surpassed Carla De Stefano and a mother’s guiltEmmanuel Vich in the fight and Paloma Mendez (“Things that remind me of home”).

In the category ‘Best emotional moment’, Martin Ku and Arturothe house dog, took home the award. He beat out ‘Williams’ anguish’, ‘The reunion of Lisandro and Mili’ and ‘Bautista’s memory of his father’.

In the category ‘Best fight’Federico ‘Apple’ Farias and Fury (Earn your bread) They won the prize. He beat Damián and Catalina (“You want war? You will have it.”)Joel and Lisandro (“It is recorded and it is known”), Emmanuel and Mauro (“Take the stick”) and Coty and Fury (“I’m not going to yell at you”).

In the category ‘Favorite player’ called the gold prize, he kept it Juliana Furia Scaglione, although there was a controversial moment as she reacted in a reprehensible way where she did not want to receive the awardand then gave the award to Santiago del Moro for supporting and defending her when few others did because of her attitude at home.


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