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Ivana Icardi launched herself into music and surprised her followers: “It made me happy before and it makes me happy now”


Ivana Icardi posted a video on his official Instagram account where she is seen singing, and surprised all her followers. In this case, she would be “following.” the steps of Wanda Nara, his sister-in-law with whom he has a terrible relationship and has been living in Europe for a long time as well as away from the media. For her part, the sister of Mauro did a cover of the song Feid Moon.

Beauties, today I would like to leave you an acoustic version of the song Luna by Feid. “A song that brings back very beautiful memories of moments and of my special person who has motivated me and does me so much good,” Icardi expressed.

“I feel inspired and happy, because yesterday I had the opportunity to be in a studio for the first time. I have been able to start recording a song that I have composed and that I would like to be able to show you soon. “I still have a long way to go, this has only just begun and I cannot feel more fulfilled about being embarked on this dream.”closed the post.

However, one of his followers asked him if music was really his challenge at the moment, and he responded: “The truth is that it is a path that I want to take and enjoy… I don’t know if it would be a challenge, because if I don’t manage to make what I have in mind a reality, I will continue singing because I realized that it made me happy as a child. and it makes me happy now.

Ivana Icardi
Ivana Icardi about music

Finally, Ivana Icardi hill: “So let’s say that I am currently immersed in that world and putting a lot of energy into it.”

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