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Jacobo Winograd’s concern about the operation he must undergo: “I’m afraid of dying”


Jacob Winograd He will have hip surgery on Monday and said he is afraid of dying in the operating room.

What happened to Jacobo Winograd

The actor spoke with Show Partners (The thirteen) on Friday and detailed: “On Monday I had surgery on my left hip. Four days ago my implant had become infected and they gave me a battery of medications because they couldn’t operate on me with an infection, and luckily it resolved.”

He also said that he had problems with his medical coverage: “The prepaid, which did not cover me, had problems. Roberto, a friend, lent me money to pay for the prosthesis, which costs a lot.It is very expensive. The prepaid company wanted to give me a national one and it didn’t cover me at all“.

Regarding his health, Jacobo commented: “I have been suffering for more than a year and I cannot walk, I limp.. When it’s humid, I die of pain, when it’s cold too. Do you know what severe hip osteoarthritis is?

“Are you afraid of operations and death?” Matías Vázquez intervened during the note. AND Jacob Winograd be sincere: “I am very afraid of the operation, I am very nervous about the operating room“.

“I’m afraid of death for my daughter, because I’m not going to see her again. And now, when I go to have surgery I say ‘will I wake up, won’t I wake up?’. The truth is that I have been sick for two days. It’s hard for me to fall asleep and I’m scared, I admit it.“he explained.

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