Javier Milei denied a meeting with Furia after his departure from Big Brother: “They must want to operate on me”

Javier Milei denied a meeting with Furia after his departure from Big Brother: “They must want to operate on me”

Javier Milei denied a meeting with Furia after his departure from Big Brother: “They must want to operate on me”

Javier Milei talked about the rumors of a meeting with Juliana “Furia” Scaglione after her departure from Big Brother (Telefe) and he was categorical.

Yanina Latorre contacted the president following the information that Jorge Rial gave in Argenzuela (C5N) and shared the response obtained on LAM (América TV).

“I asked him with a little shame, I told him it was a half-farty question. I spoke with him and asked him if it was true that he wanted to meet Furia.“, introduced the driver.

“‘What Fury?’, he replied. And he told me that he didn’t like boxing. He thought Fury was a boxer. I had no idea… I explained the whole situation to him and he said ‘look, excuse me, don’t be offended, I don’t see Big BrotherI didn’t know it was on the air and I didn’t know who Fury was‘” said Yanina.

And he continued: “We started talking for two minutes and he told me ‘the only thing I see from time to time is La Nación+, very sometimes and because they send me cuts…’ He told me that he was going to Europe and that in fact he was feeling bad, the doctor went to see him. After the act he had not eaten, he ate a coffee with two greasy croissants and it made him feel bad. “He had a stomach ache and they were trying to recover him to take the plane.”

“But I found the anecdote very funny. And I asked him why he thinks they say that and he told me ‘They must want to operate on me and they must no longer know how’. Because underestimating the Presidency of the Nation, and he didn’t just talk about Milei, seems a little pathetic to me. And Brancatelli saying that they were going to give him a ministry… Sad, really, very sad,” concluded Yanina Latorre.

What happened to Javier Milei and Fury from Big Brother?

Jorge Rial surprised by revealing that they are seeking to coordinate a meeting between the president Javier Milei and Juliana Rage Scaglione because they believe that “there is a red thread that unites them.” The former participant has repeatedly mentioned her support for the libertarian.

The driver of Argenzuela (C5N) revealed at the beginning of this Wednesday’s broadcast that the Government is in negotiations to achieve a meeting between the president Javier Milei and Juliana “Furia” Scaglionelast eliminated from Big Brother, who on more than one occasion expressed her support for the Argentine president.

Rial also compared the fans of Rage with those of Milei, and affirmed that there is a lot in common. “That thing of permanent tension, of pushing the limits to the edge, violence“he stressed.

“Do you know that at this time they are coordinating…? Yes, yes, there have already been contacts so that when Furia breaks the isolation,” Rial began by saying in his program, adding that Juliana “had an outbreak, they now have it under control.”

“For a few days she will remain isolated and will watch all the Telefe programs. And then, when she breaks (the final isolation)… today there were already talks,” he added. “They wanted the meeting to take place today, but she came out too excited, distracted, out of sorts. Then they told him ‘look teacher, it won’t be possible today,'” said the journalist and former host of Big Brother.

“There has already been contact between the Presidency of the Nation and Big Brother”he said before explaining that, from the Government, “they feel that there is a red thread that unites Milei with Fury” in reference to the attitudes of both. In this context, Rial joked by saying that surely Furia “They are going to give Human Capital, forget it.”

Fury came out yesterday. Bah, they fired her, in reality the people with 60 or so percent kicked her out“, he noted, while expressing that for him the meeting would not be something “either strange, crazy or illogical.” “For me, it is more important for Milei to have the photo with Furia than with (Emmanuel) Macron or with Lula ( Silva). They are one for another. What’s more, I think they should be a couple,” she summarized.

Jorge Rial explained that from the circle of Javier Milei They wanted the meeting to take place before his trip to Europe, where he will receive recognition.

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