Friday, June 14, 2024

Jay Park Releases Teaser for “Taxi Blurr” Featuring KISS OF LIFE’s Natty


American rapper and producer Jay Park released the teaser of “Taxi Blurr” with Natty from the group KISS OF LIFE.

When is Jay Park’s album coming out in 2024?

In the video, Jay Park gets into trouble at a bar, while Natty makes a call. “Taxi Blurr” featuring Natty from KISS OF LIFE is the title track of their upcoming album Jay Park Season 2which will be released on May 28 KST.

Jay Park Season 2 is the follow-up album to Jay Park Season 1, which included the song “Your/My”, released in April. With this release, the 37-year-old singer-songwriter and member of Seattle breakdance crew Art of Movement aims to reveal a more mature aspect of his artistry while exploring R&B sounds with a unique twist.

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