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Jenna Ortega on Michael Keaton’s role interpretation in new “Beetlejuice: – Overwhelming


Michael Keaton doubted what it would be like to return to his 36-year-old role character Betelgeuse – which has since become popular culture common property. Photo: Warner Bros / Handout / NTB

Of NTB | 04.06.2024 07:03:02

Culture and entertainment: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” premieres in September. It’s the sequel to Tim Burton’s Oscar-winning 1988 horror flick.

But unlike the first time Michael Keaton was to play the role, the character Betelgeuse has now become a pop culture icon – and adorns all kinds of merchandise and is a favorite Halloween costume.

– It was so widely used that I had to go back to when I first developed the character, as opposed to now when I can see coffee cups and golf club covers emblazoned with Betelgeuse’s face. I didn’t want to look like this, so I had to think about how it all started, says Keaton Empire.

But the filmmaker Burton is satisfied, and says that it seemed as if “Keaton was possessed by a demon, so quickly he entered the role”.

Jenna Ortega is a newcomer to the “Beetlejuice” universe. The “Wednesday” star plays the daughter of Lydia, played by Winona Ryder in both films, and had this to say about watching Keaton step into character:

– To see him physically change – that Michael Keaton disappeared and I had to meet this Beetlejuice guy – it was absolutely overwhelming.

Michael Keaton is happy with the end result, which will be seen in cinemas on September 6.

– I love it. I absolutely love this thing. I don’t often talk like this, but I love this unabashedly. It wasn’t easy to achieve, but I think we managed it to the limit.

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