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Jesica Cirio’s father, Horacio, spoke of the estrangement with his daughter after the wedding with Elías Piccirillo


The father of Jessica Cirio, Horacio Ciriobroke the silence after His daughter will marry Elías Piccirillo after her controversial divorce with Martín Insaurralde. In this context, He referred to the distance he has with the model.

In an interview he gave to Gossip (Net TV), Pía Shaw asked him about the communication they have: “Is it true that Jesica has blocked you?” Then, she revealed: “I don’t really know the number. It would be very easy for me to get it but I wouldn’t like to call her, have her answer me and tell her ‘I’m dad’ and have her hang up. So I’d rather not do it.”

He was then consulted by the recent wedding, in which he commented: “I saw what happened in the media, not more than that.” And, due to the lack of bond between them, the host wanted to know the reason why they do not speak: “I can’t find any other answer than the exposure I had at the beginning, which she says affected her a lot but nothing else to do with it. We were always very close friends, I went with her everywhere. The good thing would be… I don’t see any of the communicators who dare to ask her what happened.”

However, it could be said that what bothered the media about his father was not the exposure but rather that, at the time, She had said that he threatened her to get money.

“Don’t you think the marriage is too soon? Do you think it could be a lavandina operation?” asked one of the panelists, referring to the fact that the model could have quickly married her current partner to leave her life with him behind. political. Then, she stated: “I don’t know, it’s too soon, yes. I hope he hasn’t done it to leave Insaurralde behind and that it helps him have a happy life. I already believe that he has had it and that he is having it.”

Finally, after stating that they had not spoken to Jesica Cirio for 12 years, they stated on the floor: “Cirio not only does not talk about the father, but she wants to silence him. If you get a note from him talking about her, he sends you to the representative, he sends the representative to put pressure on you to lower the note.” So Horacio justified: “But that was a while ago, before it was through Burlando, he called. Now I found out that they are not related. I went from being there to go live, with the cameras in my house and everything, and the whole program happened and I didn’t go out because they downloaded it.“.

What Horacio Cirio, the controversial father of Jesica Cirio, lives on

Horacio Cirio talked with Good morning (El Trece) as a result of all the scandal involving his daughter, Jessica Ciriofor the images that came to light Martin Insaurralde.

The questioned father of the model spoke with Fabian Doman about his concern about the situation of Jessica and the driver did not hesitate to ask him what he lives on, to which, Horatio He quickly responded: “I am retired from the Buenos Aires police fund, in December I retired and we do an American fair with my wife“.

Doman He asked him the reason why they hold American fairs and Mr. Candle He added: “And yes, I’m not going to sit back with a retirement either, it’s not common but it’s not a sum of money either. (very big)…”.

Fabian It reminded him of the famous churro sale he went to in 2017, but Horatio He acknowledged that this was a question generated for the media: “No, that was past and it was all a game“.


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