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Jey Mammón gave details about the program he will host on Net TV: “My imprint will be there”


Jey Mammon confirmed his return to television and revealed details about the program he will have on Net TV.

The comedian visited the program Juana Viale, Having lunch with Juana (The thirteen)and spoke about reintegration into the media after the allegations of abuse against him by Lucas Benvenuto.

Yes ok Jey Mammon He returned to the stage during the summer in Carlos Paz, Córdoba, with the play “I’ll be back soon”, now he will debut on Net TV with his own program.

When does Jey Mammón return to television

I will be on Net, led by Gustavo Sofovich. I go back to TV every day. There you will be able to see my version, good or bad, but mine. This isn’t crying. The crying is over. The Jey returns, who, whether you like it or not, is that“he noted, without yet confirming the date and time for the premiere.

“We are working on the format, but My imprint will be there, therefore there will be music and interviews. “They have given me a lot of alternatives to come back, like streaming, but I’m going back to TV,” she added.

And he concluded: “I am very happy because it is the reunion with people. TV has that thing of meeting the other, I am happy and grateful to return.”

At the same time, Jey Mammon He announced that he will also do radio: “I’m going to start on Splendid AM 990. It will be every day, from 3 to 5 p.m.“.

Finally, the comedian announced that he will be performing at Cafe la Humedad on June 1: “I’m waiting for you all, it’s a beautiful place. I’m going to be meeting the people of Buenos Aires again. I’m very happy.”

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