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Jey Mammón spoke after the Justice ruling about his complaint against Lucas Benvenuto: “He did not win any trial”


Jey Mammon came to the crossroads after the ruling of Justice on his complaint for slander and insults against Lucas Benvenutoand assured that there has been no trial so far.

The driver’s word came after the young man shared on his Instagram account the notification card from the National Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Cassation in his favor.

It is worth remembering that Lucas Benvenuto He denounced Jey Mammón in 2020 for alleged sexual abuse when he was 14 years oldbut Justice dismissed the comedian in 2021 because the crime had prescribed.

Lucas Benvenuto and Jey Mammón

“If someone had told me before starting my path towards the truth that this was going to be very difficult, that they were going to call me a liar, that justice may not be fair, that I was going to suffer from anxiety, anger, pain… “I would do the same thing over and over again. I would speak, report, and gather courage as many times as necessary,” the young skater said in a post online along with the ruling.

“Many judge the years of silence: ‘Why didn’t you speak up sooner?’ That is why imprescriptibility is so important,” he added.

This time the Justice said that there was no crime for which to sue me. Once again, when the procedural times allow it to be issued, I am right.. The ruling is final and cannot be appealed. Same as the other one. It is a step forward, but I, and many who are in similar situations, need the complete truth, not in dribs and drabs, we need firm sentences, with effective compliance.“said Lucas.

“I am still waiting for them to resolve the case of Roberto Santi, who, shielded by procedural issues, is waiting at home, after having been released during the pandemic, for the Court to decide whether his ruling is final or not. I need my complete truth, I need the sentences to be final. All of us survivors need society, through its institutions, to tell us: yes, it’s true, you are right and whoever hurt you will serve the corresponding sentence,” he added.

And he concluded forcefully: “This time, in a relatively short time, Justice again said that I am not lying, that I did not commit any of the crimes of which the person I reported accused me of in a forced and fallacious story.“.

What Jey Mammón said about his complaint against Lucas Benvenuto

Although Lucas Benvenuto claimed to have won the trial, Fernanda Iglesias communicated with Jey Mammon for LAM (America TV) and he assured that there is still no resolution.

He says that they spread false news because he did not win any trial, that it was never done and he wants it to be done. What he rejected in cassation is something else, it is the attempt to reopen the case to condemn Lucas for the slander“explained the journalist.

And he added: “The trial was not held, so they go, ask that the case be reopened, they are not given any attention, they go to cassation and they also reject this. So now he is going to file a new complaint because it is not activated, nor does the process begin. “They are going to start all over again so that there is a trial.”

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