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Jimena Barón, very harsh against Internet users who give their opinion about other people’s bodies


Jimena Baron referred to the criticism that arose from his anger with the haters who decide to comment on other people’s bodies and they talk about their eating and physical routine.

The singer usually shows how she trains and eats in her daily life, which has led different people to criticize her habits. So, in Intruders (America) asked him about his impudence in this regard: “There was a lot of talk about your claim on social networks about criticism of bodies.”

In this way, the singer commented: “Yes, it was very general anyway. It also breaks my balls to walk in and see what they are doing to a colleague. Let’s find out what’s happening to him, really, in 2024 we so naturally came out to say that the leg, that the face… that’s it guys.”

“There were many repercussions on those statements of yours, did you see them?” the chronicler quickly retorted. Then, he denied seeing the repercussions: “I don’t consume them, then I start kneading bread and I have no idea what they think”.

“I’ll tell you how the comments fall on me, “He’s still a jerk talking about what the mine does or doesn’t do with the body, it seems old to me.”concluded Jimena Barón about people who have opinions about other people’s bodies.

What Jimena Barón said about criticism of her body

The famous woman came out on Instagram against the nutritionists who use her image to say that she is a bad example and declared: “Enough with the nutritionists or the coaches, I don’t know who they are, with put up images of myself and say ‘because this is a bad example’. It is a bad example, because we should not talk about foreign bodies. “If you follow me, Miriam, Mabel, Esther… whoever is using my photo to say that I am a bad example of something, you are lying because I train a lot and eat a lot.”

She is a reverend poronga and must stop this use of another’s body to say ‘this is not good’ or ‘this is very dangerous’. Use yours, Google the image of a meerkat… Don’t post my photo or those of my colleagues. I’m fed up because suddenly everyone is modern, advanced and empathetic, but They can’t stop giving their opinion about other people’s bodies“she continued upset.

And she reflected: “If I, despite loving my body and realizing that it is very pretty, I love it and I love it, I want to reach another place, another point and my goal is to have more muscle, be more marked and enlarge my arms.” or whatever, leave me alone. I’m not saying ‘don’t eat’ or ‘dehydrate’. Leave me alone. It’s my body and I do look regalbut I want to continue making an effort to see myself in a different way, they leave me alone.


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