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Jimena Barón’s deep emotion for an important achievement of her son: “It never ceases to surprise me”


Jimena Baron He expressed his excitement online about an important achievement of his son Morrison and wrote heartfelt words.

For a few months now, the singer has been showing online that Momo takes skateboarding classes and has a lot of fun. Apparently, the effort paid off and the boy won second place in a competition.

What Jimena Barón said about her son

Through his Instagram account, Jimena Baron shared a note that his son gave after finishing the skate tournament, and wrote: “We were in the car together and I told you: ‘I hope you never doubt who will always be your unconditional partner.’ You smiled at me and told me ‘you’. Before arriving I told you how much I admire you because not everyone signs up to compete knowing that it started recently.: ‘This is called having balls, I admire you a lot for this.'”

“He told me that he was nervous but he arrived happy. The truth is that it broke him. I had not seen him skate like that, and I always accompany him. Aside from the fact that he came second and we were all totally surprised, Momo itself never ceases to surprise me. His empathy, his humility, his bravery, his perseverance and his enjoyment“he highlighted.

“Then they asked him if he wanted to give a note and he looked at me as if asking if he could. Obviously. And there I was behind the camera, seeing this kid who I feel has a beautiful future and I am lucky to be able to be there nearby to see it,” he continued.

“I can’t explain how happy I am to be Momo’s mother. Sometimes it is an overwhelming feeling, sometimes it scares me how a child snatches all the meaning of life and steals even reason. Momo, you are the most important thing to me and being able to accompany you is a gift that I appreciate every day, I really appreciate it every night before going to sleep,” the artist expressed with emotion.

“‘I had fun, which is the most important thing.’ How much I learn with you son, I learn from you all the time. Thank you. “I love you to a place that you imagine but you don’t know,” he concluded. Jimena Baron.

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