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Joaqui burst into tears when she heard how a friend defended her from the violence she suffered from her ex: “I was never the same again”


The Joaqui He burst into tears in the middle of the stream when he saw how his friend G Sony He defended her from her ex-partner and father of her daughters, Coqeéin Montanawho was violent with her.

The singer was in a streaming with Coscu when they played a live rap battle where G-Sony exposed Montana with strong rhymes.

Did you think you were going to be an abandoned father, a batterer, and I wasn’t going to tell you anything? That I didn’t remember when we lived in the boarding house and La Joaqui showed up bruised? “Sony said to his opponent’s face.

What did you think, if she was the one who stopped us so that we wouldn’t screw you over when you could hear you denigrating her through the halls of the boarding house? What did you think, that she didn’t remember me when you scratched her and sent La Joaqui to work on the subway while she was pregnant?“revealed the friend of the interpreter about the violence that her ex exerted on her.

“I’m thinking about something much sadder, that inside you must be thinking about what good luck you had, because not everything is about money, let’s suppose that you were screwed and that’s why you didn’t make it. Being a father is giving love, presence, being, and you didn’t fulfill that either, at the first opportunity you left.“he continued.

“I haven’t forgotten what you said, that if I said something up here that hurt your daughter, she was going to rot on stage. Now did you remember that you had to defend her, after so long since you didn’t?” Don’t worry, don’t be sad, no one is going to hurt your daughter more than you did.“G Sony concluded.

What La Joaqui said about the violence she suffered

After listening to the rapper, The Joaqui She burst into tears and thanked him for defending her: “What he says is true, What they did to me hurt me so much that there will be nothing in life that can hurt me after that.“.

If he didn’t tell my truth, he would never give me the heart to do it. Do you know how many times I wanted someone to defend me like that? I was distanced from Sony because it hurt me and it humiliated me that he knew what had happened to me,” said the young woman.

He called me and told me ‘if this battle hurts you, I won’t accept it’. I was never the same person after what happened to me.. “I suffer a lot,” she said honestly.

In tears, The Joaqui expressed: “Thank you, because I was going to die with my truth in my heart. I hope this battle helps so that if someone is experiencing the same thing, they have a friend like Sony. I am so proud because I Nothing will ever hurt me as much as everything I went through. Today, I am unbreakable after that.”

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