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Jorge Rial surprised the internet by showing himself with Romina Pereiro’s daughters


Jorge Rial enjoyed a weekend outing with his daughters Romina Pereiro and shared a tender postcard online.

Although the driver and the nutritionist have been separated since the beginning of 2022 and he is currently in a relationship with Maria del Mar Ramonthey maintain a good relationship, especially because of the two minors who often share time with him.

Through his Instagram stories, Jorge Rial posted a photo where he is seen very smiling with his daughter RocĂ­o, and Romina Pereiro’s two girls.

Jorge Rial with Romina Pereiro's daughters

At the same time, it is worth remembering that the journalist gets along well with his youngest daughter, but not with Morena Rial. Although they tried to rebuild the relationship several times, to this day it is unstable.

What is Jorge Rial’s relationship with Romina Pereiro’s daughters?

The separation of Romina Pereiro and Jorge Rial It was on good terms, which is why, The nutritionist’s daughters continue to share time with the driver Argenzuela (C5N).

In September 2022, she spoke with the magazine Soon and she told what her daughters’ bond with her ex-husband is like: “They continue to see each other and have a good relationship again. For me it is great that this is the case. The bond with them continues and is independent of ours.”

Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro

When they want to see each other, we talk and he picks them up.. Although we don’t talk like before and it’s from time to time, Viole has his cell phone and calls him directly and they fix things. Then he tells me and if not they call him from my cell phone,” he revealed.

Everything is alright. They talk to him independently of me and I think it is the healthiest thing for everyone. We had a separation on good terms., so it seemed important to me that their relationship continue as long as they wanted. It happened like that and it’s great,” he concluded.

In another part of the interview, Romina Pereiro stated that she would not remarry “not even crazy”“because he did it twice and it didn’t work. “Marriage is not for me and neither is cohabitation”, he reflected. And he explained: “Coexistence wears out a lot. Sometimes you don’t feel like being with yourself and you have to be with someone else.”

At the same time, she talked about her wedding with the former driver of Intruders (America TV): “We were there for five years: three dating and two married. The marriage lasted only two years and I experienced it as total frustration. Imagine that I didn’t get married to last only two years. I don’t know if it was going to be for life because you don’t get married considering that anymore, but at least I thought it was going to be for longer. You get married to share time and life takes you. Today I feel differently about this issue.”

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