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José María Listorti exploded against La Negra Vernaci after they named the Radio Pop studio after him


José María Listorti showed his anger with Pop Radio after they will remove his symbolic name from the studio to place that of The Black Vernaci for its 20th anniversary.

For that reason, the historic host of FM 101.5 attacked the host of La Negra Pop: “That studio was called José María Listorti because it is logical and in an act of demagoguery on the part of the radio directors, on the day we celebrated Pop’s 20th anniversary, they put up a plaque that said ‘La Negra’, what about me? What did La Negra do, seriously? Name me a La Negra Vernaci hit, there isn’t one“.

“They are afraid of La Negra and this is true,” he argued in Intruders (America). In any case, he clarified that “With me, personally, he has been wonderful, on and off the air.defending a lot of things that are irrelevant.”

Then, he explained what people’s criticism of the announcer usually is: “Demanding people are mistaken for bad vibes, she is demanding because she loves the radio and wants everything to turn out perfect, and when something goes wrong she gets angry with her and with the production. This does not mean that she is a bad partner, quite the opposite. “Everyone speaks wonders.”

Flip an earphone and we see him, he bitches into the air, he complains into the air. She has that humor, you have to understand her“, he recalled about the viral event where he complained live about the radio’s production.

La Negra Vernaci’s outburst on Radio Pop

The Black Vernaci He got tired of the poor organization of their production, insulted them without any type of filter and fluttered his headphones in the middle of the show.

The announcer began her radio cycle in a particular way, complaining about the poor functioning of the tools on the radio. The moment, like all her programs in La Negra Pop (Pop 101.5)was completely recorded, and @teleavisador He shared the video on his Twitter account.

Previously, the black He had already complained about the music at the beginning. “Take that awful curtain off, for God’s sake. Thank you, my love.”, he began saying. When appearing on camera, she did not manage to greet the listeners and she continued very furious: “Hey, my earpiece broke. Here… Everything works like a bum!”.

Then, her partner gave her a new headset again and the announcer said: “Everything works like ortho, dot com, dot ar“. A few seconds after realizing that it didn’t work either, he said: “Hey, this bastard doesn’t work either”. Immediately afterwards, he threw them without thinking against the wall where the operators’ cabin was located.

“I hate them, give me some that work. Yes, you work like that. When something is wrong, you work like that, so that the kids are happy and calm,” he assured.

When everything seemed to have been resolved, Vernaci He began to greet his colleagues, but he got upset again with the production for not having his microphone in the right place to speak, to which La Negra pointed out: “I’m going to put the microphone where it goes. Your mother’s pussy, guys. The whore who gave birth to each of you”. “Seriously, you know I’m going to have to stop doing the radio workshop because it’s all so complicated. It’s putting two people to do radio, it’s not that difficult“, he claimed.

Later, one of the producers gave her a new headset, but the Black She remained angry as it was not working properly. “Well, until they fix mine… I can’t work with this dick, guys. They’re a scumbag, they’re the radio guys”.


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