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José María Listorti opened up about the possibility of hosting Cantando 2024: “There was a proposal”


José María Listorti was tempted to drive the Singing 2024 and talked about it. “There was a proposal. If it is done, I am there,” she said.

The comedian gave a note for LAM (America TV) and expressed: “Obviously, there was a proposal and I said yes. If it is done, I am. I had a phone call from Chato PradaI asked him how the topic is coming and he told me: ‘We are presenting the budget and we are seeing‘. “Things are not easy.”

Who is going to drive Cantando 2024?

In turn, Listorti announced that he has already proposed people for the reality jury: “I threw out some names that I am not authorized to say and they gave me a list of celebrities that I liked. We have to see who closes. I like the characters more, they are fun. If you are going to sing well, go to The voice“.

“We’re not talking about money. If they are going to offer me three pesos, obviously not. I’m an expensive guy, but we’re going to agree“, he stated. “It is difficult because of a budget issue, but not because the driver is expensive. This is what we always talk about: to make a comedy show, you don’t just need a good cast. You need scenery, scriptwriters, editing, costumes and a lot of other things that, nowadays, I don’t know if they can be paid for,” he reflected on the program that Tinelli was thinking about for América TV but that ultimately was not made.

And he added: “The same thing happens with Cantando. That’s why I asked Chato about the budget issue: because one thing is Bailando hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, which has many advertisers, and another thing is Cantando hosted by Listorti. Is not the same. I don’t know if the budget is enough for such a production. It’s what I told him and the only thing I’m afraid of“.

It should be remembered that the last edition of the program was in 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, hosted by Angel de Brito and Laurita Fernández. But in 2024 Singing with will return José María Listorti at the head and with Marcelo Polino and Moria Casan as potential jurors.

Angel de Britofor its part, listed the celebrities who have already been invited to participate in the program: Coty Romero, Cone Quiroga, Alpha, Marixa Balli, Cinthia Fernández, Dani La Chepi, Matías Alé and Mimi Alvarado.

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