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Josefina Pouso announced in Intrusos her separation from Diego Arvilly: “It doesn’t last long for me”


Josefina Pouso announced his separation from Diego Arvilly a few months after having whitewashed the relationship.

The journalist made a comment while passing by Intruders (America TV)but Florence of the V He wanted to know more and she ended up confessing that she was no longer in a relationship.

Today I came with glitter and a red mouth… let’s see if we can catch something“, he expressed Josefina Pouso while showing off her look. “Are you single? If recently we were celebrating“, the driver was surprised.

I’m like that, they don’t last long for me“, responded the panelist. “We have good vibes. I broke up a month ago“he added, without delving into details regarding the reason for the breakup.

Who is Diego Arvilly

Josefina Pouso He confirmed in September 2023 that he was in a relationship with Diego Arvilly. In addition, together they talked about the relationship and kissed in the air.

In ‘Good morning’, They showed the clip where the panelist admitted her romance. It all happened in ‘Re Late’ cycle of Pop Radio, where it was Josephine and visited José María Listorti and Diego Arvilly.

“He makes me laugh a lot. I am difficult to laugh, I am not that easy”said the journalist, and added: “The little coffee he brings me in the morning when I go to the other program won me over, with that it loosened me up. After lunch, we have an hour and we have a quick lunch.”

Later they shared a fleeting kiss, since all their classmates insisted. Before concluding with the topic, for his part, Diego admitted: “I can’t believe he gave me the ball. And on top of that, in such a short time we have fun.”

When the video ended, in ‘Bien de Tomorrow’ they criticized their partner for having confirmed their relationship in another program. Then, Josephine admitted: “He works there and he’s a big mouth. If he is for me, I won’t whitewash him for a long time. “We just went out, three weeks ago.”

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