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Journalist and former hostage Terry Anderson has died


AP correspondent Terry Anderson met with his sister Peggy Say when he arrived at the US military hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany in December 1992, after nearly seven years as a hostage in Lebanon. Archive photo: Thomas Kienzle / AP / NTB

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Culture and entertainment: Anderson was abducted by the Hezbollah militia in 1985, while chaos and war ravaged Lebanon. Almost seven years in captivity made him one of the longest-serving Americans held hostage. During that time he was subjected to violence and death threats, chained to a wall and isolated for long periods.

He probably became a target because he was one of the few remaining Westerners in Lebanon at the time and because his job as a journalist made him suspect in the eyes of some of Hezbollah’s members.

– The way they see it, you must be a spy if you go around in difficult and dangerous places and ask questions, Anderson told the newspaper Review of Orange County in Virginia in 2018.

When he was released in 1991, the correspondent was welcomed as a hero in the United States. After that, he lived a wandering life, where he taught journalism, ran a bar and restaurant and a horse ranch. He gave lectures and wrote the book “Løvenes hule” about his time as a hostage.

Anderson suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was awarded compensation taken from seized Iranian funds, after a US federal court ruled that Iran was involved in the abduction.

His daughter Sulome Anderson said on Sunday that the 76-year-old died in Greenwood Lake in the state of New York. He was married and divorced three times and leaves behind two adult daughters.

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