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Journalist Juan Pedro Aleart revealed live that his father and uncle abused him and his brothers


Juan Pedro Aleartjournalist for the popular Rosario newscast From 12 to 14 (El Tres), revealed live that his father and uncle abused him and his brothers.

The communicator took several minutes of air to narrate his hard life story and gave shocking details about the domestic violence he suffered.

What happened to Juan Pedro Aleart

“This is a different start to the program. I have told many stories and This is going to be the first time I’m going to tell my own story.. It has been extremely difficult for me to get here, to sit down and tell you what I am going to tell you. A decade ago, I made the decision to distance myself from my father and the rest of my paternal family. There were things that I didn’t like, they made me feel bad, they hurt me. Since then, I never gave up the search for the truth,” he introduced.

Last year I reported my father for domestic violence. My father has been violent in every way. Physically, psychologically and emotionally. It has terrified all the members of my family. I made this complaint with my younger sister. And a judge banned him from approaching. What we were looking for was for my sister to be calmer. Every time she met him, she trembled with fear. My father, in addition to being violent, sexually abused my sister from the age of three onwards, being HIV positive.“, revealed.

And he added: “This caused my sister very serious health problems. And as an older brother, I fought with and for her all these years. I fought for her to find a professional to determine the true origin of all these symptoms. I took her out of the house where most of the abuse occurred. I insisted a lot for her to file a criminal complaint and I took care of her attorney’s fees. And that’s what happened. He made the complaint and I was a witness. The criminal complaint for aggravated sexual abuse was made. Justice took its time. But there was a prosecutor who advanced. My father was notified of this criminal complaint three weeks ago. And not wanting to face everything he had done, the atrocity he had committed, he decided to take his own life.“he confessed.

“Finding out about this was very shocking news, deeply sad. Social and criminal condemnation awaited him for having committed such an atrocity. In his last messages on social networks, he called my sister crazy. But again, the truth always wins “he continued.

Juan Pedro Aleart
The journalist’s post after revealing his hard story

The abuse he and his brother suffered

At the same time, Juan Pedro Aleart He said that he and his brother were also abused but by their uncle: “While all this happened in my house, in a house with a violent, abusive father and a mother who was a victim and accomplice at the same time, an uncle whom I trusted and who acted as my father in many situations, He took advantage of the context of extreme vulnerability in which I was and sexually abused me and my brother from the age of 6 onwards.“.

“When I was 12 or 13 years old, with the few tools I had, I realized at home what was happening. And my parents did nothing. I continued to be abused over and over again. This person, whose name is Elvio Vila, was the first person I reported in all this judicial process. I reported it at the end of 2022. For me, making the report was very difficult. But I did it. It took me a long time to accept it, there were many months of depression“, lament.

And he detailed about the judicial situation: “With all this, a prosecutor decided to take him to an indictment hearing. And the Justice of the province of Santa Fe, two judges, told me that everything I was telling them was credible and founded. But that had prescribed. And therefore this person who abused me, including my brother and other people, was going to be free. That is to say, the State recognizes that all this happened but it cannot do anything for me or for any of the victims.”

After detailing other issues, the journalist highlighted: “The truth is that I found the answer I was looking for at the last door I desperately knocked on. The answer I had was forceful, it was firm, to change this filth of the prescription and that person who Patricia committed to changing this and helping many people try to do it. Patricia Bullrich He has been a very human person with me and firmly committed to changing this to end this filth.

The meeting with his uncle years after the abuse

Juan Pedro Aleart He also said that in 2021 he summoned his uncle in a bar in France and Mendoza to tell him to his face that he was going to report him and that he was going to go to prison, and that he responded: “He told me that he had important friends at the university who were going to help him. It turns out that in this entire judicial process, the two lawyers he had have experience at the university. They are teachers, eminences. “They have easy access to high levels of the Judiciary.”

Throughout her story, she explained that her abuser is a biochemist and university professor, and that he was also principal of Fisherton Comprehensive School, where he abused two students.

Juan Pedro Aleart
Juan Pedro Aleart

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