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Juan, Florencia Peña’s 15-year-old son, is going to study in New York: “My dream is to be free”


Juan Oterothe son of Florencia Pena and Mariano Otero, at just 15 years old, is very clear about his vocation: to be an artist. For this reason, the young man will travel to New York to perfect himself.

In an interview with The nationJuan defined himself as a “artist in training” and expressed: “There is always something new to learn. When I grow up I’m going to act, dance and, above all, sing.”

Why Florencia Peña’s son is leaving the country

And he revealed: “In July I’m going to study in New York, at the Go Broadway Academy. They are two intense weeks with dance, acting, and singing classes. I am very clear about what I want. And I’m also really interested in economics, so maybe I’ll do some of that too.“.

After confessing that he likes economics, the 15-year-old boy assured that he is doing very well in school and said: “It is the subject with which I connect the most, I am interested in analyzing the world, I read about what is happening in our country.” .

About his future plans when he finishes high school, Juan Otero He explained: “Leaving is not the solution to anything, but I want to live the experience of being in another country. I consider that the training I need is better outsidealthough there are good teachers and institutes here.

I love my Argentina and it is the best country in the world. No matter how much there are problems, we have wonderful artists. But The idea is to go to Europe, I want to see the world, travel, do work and travel. And then I come back,” he said.

Juan Otero, the son of Florencia Peña

On the other hand, the son of Florencia Pena recently debuted in a streaming of Telefe and he said about it: “I chose streaming because I feel like it is the kickstart for my future. It’s a start and the group is beautiful and we share a lot of things. I don’t regret it because I did it thinking it through. “I enjoy every moment I live and I feel very happy with my current situation.”

“A few years ago I made a movie, The adopters; a play, Something in commonand a television program, S.T.O.. My dream is to be free and be able to live doing what I likeas broad and simple as that,” he stated Juan Oterodetermined to dedicate himself to the world of entertainment and art.

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