Sunday, May 19, 2024

Julia Mengolini exploded again against Yanina Latorre: “The obsession that the tilinga has with me”


Julia Mengolini does not give in and continues fighting with Yanina Latorre on the network through lapidary messages.

What happened between Yanina Latorre and Julia Mengolini

Through her X account (formerly Twitter), the journalist launched a sharp letter against the panelist, but did not explain why: “The obsession that Yanina’s tilinga has with me is called envy“.

Julia Mengolini vs Yanina Latorre

I can’t find any other explanation. It’s not that I’m naturally pretty and she was an ort… ugly and she bought beauty with a lot of money and pain, it’s that I have a heart where she has a fat cyst“, Shooting Julia Mengolini.

Previously, Yanina Latorre had made a spicy comment about the communicator for asking for subscribers for her radio, Futurerock: “He no longer knows how to get money from people. ‘Cobra’ to continue indoctrinating“.

Julia Mengolini vs Yanina Latorre

It is worth mentioning that Julia Mengolini and Yanina Latorre They have had a very strong enmity for a long time, linked mainly to political and ideological issues, and they often cross paths online.

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